A Penny for your thoughts…..


Just listened to a Ted Talk and the fellow speaking meandered around his subject for about 17 minutes  before he  finally got down to the essence of his message:  Who we are is ever-changing—we do not stop growing, and we are not static. And we should find this very freeing.

I love this message—we are not who we were ten years ago, ten days ago, or even ten minutes ago. We are ever-evolving and have the ability to change. We are not stagnate pond scum drowning in a puddle created by the ruts of life.

Humans are dynamic beings, and as such we can become today something we were not yesterday. We can leave days of apathy and lethargy in the dust and create from these ashes something that kills soul defying ennui.

I have been guilty of accepting my shortcomings as something I have to live with the rest of my life, but I rail at labels tossed my way that do not fit now, labels I have cast off and are no longer part of me. There are some things true to my essence that are valuable; things I do not want to discard, but there are also aspects of earlier personalities that have grown up, expanded, and hopefully will continue to develop.

Have you ever felt that you are now a square peg but others are still trying to fit you into a round hole?

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