Saturday Morning Sillies

Of Course: “When the Idiot Leaves”

Village Idiot sign

Village Idiot sign (Photo credit: dolescum)

When does a village become a town? While doing a little research on this I found out that a village consists of  500 people or less and a town can turn into a city when it reaches a population of 5000.  The answer varies depending on the source~so I guess I will just have to choose my own or go to Stats Canada.

The answer I loved the most in response to “when does a village become a town” is: “when the idiot leaves”. I love that tongue in cheek answer. We have all heard of the village idiot, and many of us, no matter where we live can probably name him. For some reason the village idiot always seems to be a man. And you do not have to live in a village to have one. My town has a few—but they will remain nameless as to me idiot defined has nothing to do with intelligence, and everything to do with social skills.

I am thinking of starting a novel, or short story, or novella, or who knows, maybe even an epic historical novel of 3,546 pages about a village that is on the cusp of turning into a town. If two more people are born to the village, then it will become a town. There are all kinds of things that can come from this premise: will Mrs. Keystone have twins, thereby turning the village into a town, or will the Baxter Family of ten leave town, keeping it a village for a little while longer?

These are the sometimes strange things that go through my mind. My question to you today is: Where do you live, and have you found bliss there?