You Do Not Always Have to be Right!

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Yesterday, I read something that really makes me want to be a better person. I cannot remember if I read it on another blog or from a friend in an email or in a magazine ~ and I am not sure I remember it perfectly but it is this:

I am going to practice being kind, not right.

I think I may have paraphrased here, and hopefully not stolen it from someone. But I have been trying to practice this for the last few hours. I do not know how long my first foray into kindness and not having to be right will go—but even if I fail, I am going to start all over again.

Seems so simple and it can make such a big difference.

What do you think?

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A Realization

This writing a poem a day thing

is getting on my nerves.

Pooh Bear on Magic Carpet

Pooh Bear on Magic Carpet (Photo credit: clickcraftsman)

Pooh said he was a Bear of very little brain~

I call myself “a poet of little merit”~

Pooh was wrong~

But I was right!

Realizations can be bliss. What have you come to realize?

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