There Is a Reason I Have Not Been Freshly Pressed

Anniversary wine

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I have not been Freshly Pressed.  The Food and Wine Hedonist was Freshly Pressed for writing an article about the three things you can find in her refrigerator. Then she asked her readers what three things are always in their fridge. There were all manner of answers. Some were quite eloquent. Some were so good, I would like to get to know these people who always have sparkling wine, a good cheese and something exotic in their fridge. The Hedonist herself always has roasted walnut oil, a specialty hummus, and pecorino romano cheese.

My answer was: mold, mildew, and crumbs. She did not comment back.

If I were to hazard a guess, I would say that my answer was none too appetizing. Perhaps I was not supposed to be honest. Maybe my food hygiene came into question. So I think I may go back and reanswer her question, and see if she responds. What might be acceptable? Cheeze Whiz, cheese slices, and spray cheese? No, not sophisticated enough.

How about goose liver pâté, Freixenet, and caviar? (Do you keep caviar in the fridge–guess if I have to ask then I might not be too convincing.) I would love to always have Freixenet (Spanish sparking wine) in my fridge — I love this stuff.

Yogurt, soy milk, and celery? Nope, too boring.

Okay, I admit I was being tongue in cheek. Three things that are always in my fridge: mustard, mystery meat, and withered carrots. That is my answer and I am sticking to it. I have a feeling that Food and Wine Hedonist may not respond to that one either.

In keeping with the theme of bliss–what three things do you wish you always had in your fridge?

Day 13 ~ 200 Words

apple juice

apple juice (Photo credit: chelsey.baldock)

Who says everyday life is not exciting? Why just this morning as I was making my first cup of coffee, I reached in for the jug of 1% and an open can of apple juice fell out of the fridge onto the floor.

I did not notice it a first. (Remember this was the first cup of coffee of the day—it was 5:30 a.m.  I can be excused for not noticing a metal can clanking onto the floor, can’t I?) Then I heard the glug, glug, glug of the light amber liquid and saw it spreading across the wood floor, creeping into the cracks.

I am taking this as a sign. A sign that it is time to clean the kitchen.  If I looked into someone else’s fridge and saw what I see in my fridge, I would be appalled. But I always think that my dirt is cleaner than other people’s dirt.  It is not, but I still think that. I wiped up the spill from the fridge fairly successfully.

I have mopped up the floor several times now, and it is still sticky. Success eludes me. It is uncomfortable under bare feet. My solution? I put on my shoes.

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