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endless possiblities

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Endless possibilities


Sometime when I write a haiku I cannot break some words down into syllables. I think possibilities is five syllables—what do you think?  Okay, some of you are going to tell me to check it out in the dictionary. So I will.

Be back in a moment……………

Okay, so it is five syllables. And it is also defined as “the potential for successful future development”. That is what I was going for.

Its cousins (or synonyms if you will) are: options, likelihood, opportunities, prospects, risks, odds, chances, and probabilities. But probability is not at all what I was going for—if something is probable it might happen or might not; possibilities seem more open and likely to happen.

What do you think? Do you like the word possibility or probability?

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Had to Share

Part of what I am doing during my “sabbatical”–(what a lovely word for break from one thing to concentrate on another) is research, reading, and catching up on my other responsibilities. In my research or eternal quest for knowledge and inspiration, I came across this passage in the book, “Several short sentences about writing” by Verlyn Klinkenborg. On page 14 he wrote:

“A writer’s real work is the endless winnowing of sentences,

The relentless exploration of possibilities,

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The effort, over and over again, to see in what you started out to say

The possibility of saying something you didn’t know you could.”

So many times when I write I find myself coming to a realization that I had not consciously come to until the words worked their way from my brain to my fingers to the page. Do you ever find that by winnowing your sentences, getting rid of the parts that do not serve your writing,  you naturally come upon something new?

Bliss is in the magic of discovery. What do you think?

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