Favorite Things


Reading and writing
Forever entwined; tangled ~
Lovely labyrinth.

This is my first offering for April–the month of poets.  A poem a day is like a vitamin a day – life enhancing.

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My Street


Silence (Photo credit: requiemm)


Dog barking

Motorcycle revving

Grass growing

Refrigerator humming

Phone ringing

Water running

Toilet flushing

Radio blaring


TV off

Blinds drawn

Lights dimmed

Clock set

Book retired

Sleep calls

Blessed blissful silence…………………

Arf, arf, whoof, whoof ~

Stupid dog!

What breaks up your bliss?

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april showers

April showers (Photo credit: ginnerobot)

It is just fitting

that in the month

that a poem a day is


I start on day two.

Bliss is not always following the rules.


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