Wednesday Night

A long day draws nigh
The moon melts away worries
Magic in the stars……..

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A Haiku for this moment

Big Tree with Red Sky in the Winter Night

Night (Photo credit:

Day is done; deep breath ~

A touch of serenity

Peace for the moment.

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My Street


Silence (Photo credit: requiemm)


Dog barking

Motorcycle revving

Grass growing

Refrigerator humming

Phone ringing

Water running

Toilet flushing

Radio blaring


TV off

Blinds drawn

Lights dimmed

Clock set

Book retired

Sleep calls

Blessed blissful silence…………………

Arf, arf, whoof, whoof ~

Stupid dog!

What breaks up your bliss?

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N ~ is for Night Poems

English: Title page of Miscellany Poems, on Se...

English: Title page of Miscellany Poems, on Several Occasions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have given up on writing haiku for the meantime – so here are my little poems–they hopefully need no rhyme or reason to exist:


Nights come sooner now

Days, shorter and cooler but

Sparkle ~ it is autumn


Night calms me

The day’s worries are done

Relax, reflect, read.


Night stars sprinkled above

I see no dipper or dove

Just the magic of the deep dark.

Poetry is an...

Poetry is an… (Photo credit: liber(the poet);)

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