Sights and Sounds and Smells of Christmas

“All these sights and sounds and smells will be yours to enjoy, Wilbur—this lovely world, these precious days…” ~ from Charlotte’s Web

The sights and sounds and smells of Christmas are what make the holiday come to life.

English: By Richard Wheeler (Zephyris) 2007.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My favourite sights are:

1. Lit Christmas trees laden with decorations.

2. The excitement of little kids when they get something they really wanted. I still remember my youngest son dancing and jumping up and down with excitement when he received a Fisher Price castle with all its accoutrements—it was pure joy and happiness.

3. A present with my name on it—(I know it is better to give than receive, but admit it—we all like to receive).

My favourite sounds are:

1. The tinkle of jingle bells in the distance.

2. Choirs singing beloved Christmas carols.

3. Laughter at Christmas get-togethers.

English: A cinnamon roll with glaze

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My favourite smells are:

1. Stuffing or dressing—does not matter to me if it is inside or outside the turkey.

2. Ginger.

3. Cinnamon buns.

What are your favourite sights and sounds and smells of Christmas?

~ Two ~ Party On!!!!!!!

Times Square New Years Eve Ball

Times Square New Years Eve Ball (Photo credit: ★ SimonPix)

Let the party begin! It is New Year’s Eve–let’s party like it is 1999! (Or if I were being truly wild and crazy–1977,  but that is another story). Grab a hat from mybeautfulthings, some champagne from Chay, wish RoSy a Happy Birthday, devour some munchies that Eagle-Eyed Editor so kindly brought, and don’t bump Robin Coyle’s table–we don’t want her to fall off!!

Robin robincoyle (she is the one in the lampshade) and I are hosting this party with our rose coloured glasses perched prominently on our noses. We want to enter this new year on a positive note–so here is the invitation with instructions:

You Are Invited to a New Year’s Eve Virtual Party

Where: Here

Why: To bring in the New Year on a positive note

How: By leaving a positive comment or resolution

When:  New Year’s Eve —all day and all night and into New Year’s Day

Come one, come all, and bring your most festive smiles.

Entertainment: You, Vanessa Chapman, and Rodents & Rebels

So join us for the frivolities and add whatever you think may make the party hardy!

Vanessa Chapman is dropping by with a song she and a friend have put together for us so make sure you find her–I think she will be in the kitchen. [youtube

I have some mystery guests dropping by so check back every once in awhile to see what goodies they provide for us in the form of wise words, music, and even cigars!

Here is wishing all of you a wonderful New Year’s Eve and a great start to 2013–a leapless year!

Sharing my card from Mary with you:

~ Tunes in a Tin Bucket ~


SongWriter (Photo credit: jorik de beer)

I am a songwriter now. Yesterday I attended a songwriters’ workshop that a group I belong to organized, along with a fiction writing workshop and creative nonfiction workshop. I opted for the song writing workshop because it was something different for me. The fact that the only thing I can play is the radio, and the second fact that I cannot carry a tune in tin bucket means that I was fulfilling Robert Allen’s wisdom that : “Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone.”

Now you may be thinking that I have a lot of gall to call myself a songwriter, but during the workshop we collaboratively wrote the lyrics to two songs, and due to the fact that our leaders are extremely talented and versatile, they easily put melody to lyrics. And the songs were performed at the open mike portion of the workshops at the end of the day.

I learned all kinds of things in about two and a half hours. I learned how many verses you should have before you have a chorus, I learned what a bridge in music is, and I learned  how to rhyme, which does not sound all that hard to some of you, but for me, to rhyme and at the same time have the words you rhyme make sense was a real revelation.

But the most important thing I learned from our workshop leaders, John and Michele Law of the musical duel “The Laws” is that THERE ARE NO RULES to song writing. And that is the best thing that came out of a wonderful workshop. The fact that there are no rules (that cannot be broken) is something I have always, as a quiet rebel without a cause, believed in. It is part of the essence of my being. And it was validated.

Day 11 ~ 200 Words !?

First page of WC Handy's "St. Louis Blues...

First page of WC Handy’s “St. Louis Blues” from the Library of Congress, Brown University Collection of African-American sheet music (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This was edited from an 850 word column I wrote for this week’s paper. It is a double 200 worder. Tomorrow I get back on the 200 word bandwagon:

In my eternal endeavour to be a “good sport” about things I do not have any interest in, I attended  the Sunday schedule of a Blues Fest event held outdoors. I did not want to go. I really did not want to go in this heat. But I went, and surprisingly, while a good time was not necessarily had by all, it was not too bad.

I am not really a “blues” girl. A little bit goes a long way for me—particularly traditional blues, which apparently is the basis for rock and roll, so I will give it its due somewhat reluctantly. I write this knowing that the blues have some diehard fans (my husband and eldest son being two) who do not understand my reticence about this genre.

I did put up quite a fuss before we left for the event – I had to try to look decent, which for me now is becoming more of an Olympic event in itself.

“I don’t want to go to this thing” I whined to my husband.” It is hot, and my hair looks funny and I do not want to sit in the sun.” I fumed for about a half an hour, got it out of my system, and then finished getting ready. I am glad that I had my little “hissy” fit in the comfort of my own home because then I was ready to put my “public” face on and act like a normal human being.

I sat with two tables full of blues aficionados, so I tapped my foot and bobbed my head to the music, to show that I was being on my best “good sport” behaviour.

It is always awkward when the entertainers on stage say: “Put your hands together—we want to see that Windsor spirit”, and you are sitting up front and centre and do not follow their plea for participation. I have nothing against “putting my hands” together and clapping in unison with everyone else, but my internal musical timing is off. You know when everyone claps to a song, then you hear that errant clap that is out of sync with everyone else? That is me. I am the one who cannot stay with the beat. It is embarrassing and I have received “looks” from those around me who cannot understand that I clap to the beat of a different drummer.

Detroit and Windsor

Detroit and Windsor (Photo credit: dherrera_96)

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