Animated milk carton from Coffee & TV video.

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Anxiety takes over

Will it be there?

Will there be enough

To sooth the soul?

Or will it be lacking

Missing, as it were, in action?

Will I come up empty

Will there be sorrow?

I open the door

Reach in

Feel its heft

And know……………

There is enough milk for my coffee.

Sometimes bliss is as simple as having enough milk for your coffee. What simple thing gives you bliss?

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Monday Morning Bliss

Mocha Latte & Biscotti

a day that starts with

coffee: sugared with  milk splash

monday morning bliss

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Day 17 ~ 200 Words

This is in answer to the Writing Prompt: “If I were suddenly rich….” on page 338, week 48 of “The Writers’ Devotional” by Amy Peters.

English: Plastic Pitcher for Milk Bag

English: Plastic Pitcher for Milk Bag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been practicing being rich for a long time so I do not think that it will be a shock to my system. I would keep up the lifestyle I have, but ramp it up a bit. Instead of buying milk in those floppy plastic bags, I would buy it in jugs, even though it is 89 cents more.

This will make life so much easier. No more having to find a pitcher to put the milk in, then dig around  for something to cut it open because there are never any scissors around (I think we have a gremlin that steals them in the night).  No more spilling milk all over my cupboard, me, and the floor, and totally missing my cup of coffee because the plastic bag drooped out over the top of the pitcher.

Then I would go out and buy ten pairs of scissors and hide them, even though I no longer need them to cut open the milk bags. Just because I can.

English: A picture of a milk bag. Taken in 200...

English: A picture of a milk bag. Taken in 2008 in Sarnia, Ontario. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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