Are You Your Tagline?


Tagline… (Photo credit: Heartlover1717)

Michelle’s prompt: “Often, our blogs have taglines. But what if humans did, too? What would your tagline be?”

My answers:

My tagline would read much like the explanation of what my blog is about: funny, poignant, serious and quirky. I think these four words sum me up pretty well.

Funny can run the gamut from hilarious to facetious, from drool to waggish, and comical to amusing. These are all facets of the same word and the same person. Sometimes my humour is lame, sometimes it hits the mark. Much like me.

Poignant or tender, emotional, expressive, and heartrending are the lovely sides of this word, but it can also mean sad, heart-breaking and distressing—all of which are parts of me.

Serious. Life can be serious sometimes—sombre, staid, and quiet but also thoughtful. And serious things tend to have significance and honesty. I hope I am these last two things: significant and honest.

Quirky. Without a bit of eccentricity, unpredictability, individuality, and yes even oddness, we would be pretty darn boring. I sometimes think I am a bit boring, but I hide it behind my quirkiness.

Other tag words I would to be associated with are:  loving, kind, smart (hey, we can all dream), steadfastness, dependable, humane, gentle and generous. They may not all apply all the time, but they are my goals.

What would your taglines be?

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Friends are Bliss


Walden. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just received a thank you card in the mail from a friend and this is what was on the inside:


They cherish each other’s hopes.

They are kind to each other’s dreams.” ~ Thoreau

I thought that it was just beautiful and had to share it–here is to cherishing your hopes and being kind to your dreams!

Friends are bliss. Does anyone want to argue with me?


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~ Nice or Not? ~


Nice! (Photo credit: Sam Howzit)

Seyi sandra in her November 17th post asked: “How would you…want to be remembered? Let’s say in the next five hundred years, what would people say or write about you?”

My off the cuff response was:

I would want to be remembered as kind, not nice; intelligent, not smart; loving, not dependent; hopeful not negative; encouraging not critical.

She wrote back and said that if you are kind, does that not mean you are nice?  And I so agree with her–except nice gets such a bad rap. Seems like a warmed up word that you use on people who are somewhat nondescript.

As I so often do, (I am sure you are getting weary of it) I went to my thesaurus and it provides these synonyms for nice: enjoyable, agreeable, pleasant, good, fine, lovely, amusing, wonderful, kind and polite. Alrighty then, (said in a Jim Carry voice) I change my mind—you don’t have to beat me over the head–I want to be known as nice too.  Just to take this a step further, and get on your nerves just a little more, some more synonyms for nice are respectable, genteel, seemly, and refined. I like those too, especially genteel.

It seems that nice is a nice thing to be.

So here is my revised answer to Seyi Sandra’s question:

I would want to be remembered as nice and kind, not harsh; intelligent not smart (this is a work in progress); loving not dependent; and encouraging, not critical.

 Do you have a negative connotation of nice, or are you more evolved than I and realize that it is a good way to be described?