Post 100! Day 15 ~ 200 Words

Speed (TV channel)

Speed (TV channel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Battleground:  Television.

I love the Food Channel. My husband loves the Speed Channel which has the most annoying programming in the world. If there is not some car auction on with an auctioneer who will not shut up, there is a reality program about a family of motorcycle aficionados whose trials and tribulations rival the absurdity of the Kardashian clashes.

My interest in cars is threefold: does it have gas; is there enough air in the tires; and does it run. That is the full gamut. Sure I would like a little red convertible, but until that day comes, I do not care about cars.

The Food Channel

The Food Channel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love food. I do not love preparing it, but since the job has been left to me at my house, I watch Food Channel programs to bolster my enthusiasm for the task. I think my husband loves the Food Channel as much as I love the Speed Channel  (which coincidentally are side by side on cable).

I can tell when my husband wants me to join him to watch TV. He puts on one of my favourite programs:  The Big Bang Theory, reruns of the Gilmore Girls or Downton Abbey. These are programs we enjoy together:

Gilmore Girls (season 1)

List of The Big Bang Theory episodes (season 2)

Highclere Castle

You need a few of these in your married life.