Onward and Upward~Or At Least Onward

English: Southern Upland Way Onward and upward

English: Southern Upland Way Onward and upward (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am out of the 200 word a day groove and at a loss for a new challenge, so I shall return to one of my original challenges, and give you a few more dribs and drabs from The Writer’s Devotional by Amy Peters.

I am no longer going to synopsize the weeks (she breaks the book down into 52 weeks with 7 “lessons” a week), but instead I will  find  a kernel of wisdom to share from each of the 52 weeks.  Without further ado, my first kernel of wisdom:

“Writing is a way of talking without being interrupted.” ~ Jules Renard

This gem of a quotation fits me to a ‘T’. So many times I have been in a group and someone will say “Let’s go around the circle and have everyone tell us their plans for Christmas” or “let’s share what we plan to do for the rest of our lives” or “why don’t we all give a short dissertation on world peace.”

I am exaggerating a bit here to make a point. But whenever I hear one of these “let’s share” proposals, I want to skulk out of the room until everyone is done sharing. I sit nervously awaiting my turn—trying to form some thoughts that will sound interesting, or at least not insane. Many times I will fluff off my turn, and say “ditto” to what the person before me has said, even though I will not be taking a ski vacation, building a boat, or saving the world, one African country at a time.

I seem to be able to express myself so much better in the written word than the spoken. And because I am not fleet of foot when it comes to speaking, I get interrupted a lot and never really seem to finish a thought.

As a columnist for a small town paper, I come across as friendly and approachable, and sometimes witty (or witless—whichever you prefer), but when people stop me in the grocery store thinking that I have the same persona as my writing style, I often think they are disappointed, and walk away thinking that I am not quite who they thought I would be.

When you write, there is no fear of interruption, or saying something stupid off the top of your head. If you make a fool of yourself in writing, at least it has been spell checked!

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