Sweeten Reality


Sugar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Does the idea of something sometimes surpass the experience? For instance, the smell of freshly brewed coffee is playing with my senses right now. I love the essence of coffee, the beautiful silky appearance of the black liquid. The lovely way it softly splashes into my cup. But the taste–the bitterness without the sugar is not welcome on my palate.

Life is like that sometimes. The hopes and possibilities seem limitless. But sometimes we cannot break down the barriers that are barring us from living out the possibilities, from reaching our dreams, from realizing our hopes.

As I do with coffee, by adding a bit of sugar, to life I say bring it on—I will just have to find a way to sweeten the sorrows; deal with the burdens; grieve the losses—all the while hanging on to the expectation that “this too will pass” and the knowledge that potential will be realized turning possibility into reality.

If you think this sounds like a pep talk to myself—it is. And if it happens to help you out too, then the room I take up on this place we call earth is not wasted.

Bliss is making reality like coffee more palatable by sweetening the pot. What do you think?

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Thinking Out Loud

I am inspired today

Idea Barnstar

Idea Barnstar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

with a new idea.

An idea

that if it takes form

would plug me into the outside world ~

A world of creative thought

Of possibility

Of people with like ideas

Who understand that philosophy

Is merely approachable ideas with values and beliefs.

But I cannot reveal it–

It is too soon.

Inspiration and new ideas lead to bliss, even bliss unrevealed. Do you have a new idea that produces bliss?

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~L is for Love This Idea~ Or R U OK? DAY


Conversation (Photo credit: Rohit Rath)

I love this idea. The Idea that people care—that when they ask are you okay, they are not just saying “how are you” in that dismissive way that does not really want an answer.

I took this next section from subtlekate.wordpress.com—but I know she would not mind—so give her credit for this:

“R U OK Day is the day set aside to inspire all people of all backgrounds to regularly ask each other ‘Are you ok?’ It’s also the day when instead of replying “fine, sure, doing great,” you take a moment and answer honestly and you have a conversation about how you’re really doing. The foundation aims to prevent isolation by empowering people to support each other through life’s ups and downs.

So let me ask you, R U OK?”

Well, Subtle Kate, thank you for asking. And today, when I ask someone how they are doing, I am going to listen to what they say and not just walk by them quickly leaving them with a fleeting smile and no time to hear their answer.

Sometimes we are not okay, and we need to have a conversation. When people have taken the time to listen to me–I mean really listen, I am left with the feeling that there is compassion in the world, and that I can go on and make a difference myself.

I am sure we have all had people ask us how we are, then not wait for an answer and go into a dissertation about all their problems. I don’t mind listening, but neither do I want to be looked on as only a sounding board. I think that is how we separate our real friends from those who just pose as our friends—those who pause to listen, and those to whom we pause and listen.

Conversation really can make a difference, and as R U OK? DAY states: it “could save a life”.

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