A Little Nourishment from Food for Thought


Humanity… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am so often inspired by other bloggers and today is no exception.

valeriedavies in the Food for Thought section of her blog today quoted Lynne Twist who is a global activist, fundraiser, speaker, consultant, coach and author dedicated to global initiatives that serve humanity. She said:

“The feminine principle is the eagerness to collaborate rather than compete, it is the eagerness to relate rather than stand out as an individual, it is the longing for harmony and community and caring and nurturing.”

I like this principle but would like to add that competition and individualism strengthen us so that we can be caring and nurturing, and create harmony and community. I contend that competition provides us with some of the hard knocks that make us capable; and we must recognize ourselves as an individual before we can be of service to others.

I think that the principle of humanity is the longing for harmony and community and caring and nurturing. I define humanity as humankind with the emphasis on kind. If we embody the noun-ness of humanity we take in kindness, charity, compassion, sympathy and mercy (or so says my thesaurus). These are not just feminine attributes; they are the attributes of goodness.

The principle outlined by Twist is not just a feminine one; it is one of humanity. I may have my rose-coloured glasses on today, but sometimes we need to celebrate the fact that  while some may think the world is going to hell in a handbag ~ we cannot succumb to that kind of negativity—for if we do, we are surely going down a dark and twisted path.

What do you think?

Nothing New Under the Sun

English: A natural sponge, to be used in house...

A natural sponge named LouAnn.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

*“Unique situations require unique solutions.” -Nnamonu Tochukwu.

My question is ~ are there unique solutions to situations that are not unique?

I could make the argument that there are no unique situations—just the same dramas, comedies, and circumstances on a roller coaster ride with twists and turns that at first make them seem unique. But on further investigation, they are not.

What is the old line—there is nothing new under the sun?

I have taken note, in my quest to find bliss, that some days it is within my grasp, some days I possess it, but other days it is just that millimetre too far away. I understand that what is happening in my life directly affects my bliss, and that I am not yet evolved enough to be able to sweep  the things that interfere with it to the wayside when a solution is not readily available.

I am a sponge. I take in what is around me, and it becomes part of me. I must learn to be the opposite without losing my compassion. What is the opposite of a sponge? I just Googled that question and there was “no word found”. I need to be less porous and more impermeable without losing my humanity.

Big Possibilities

Big Possibilities (Photo credit: Melody Campbell)

Is that possible?

*Found this quote on the blog Wise Counsel ~ http://teeceecounsel.wordpress.com/2013/02/01/uniqeness-quote-unique-solutions/