If It Cries…..Love It

Flotsam & Jetsam

Flotsam & Jetsam (Photo credit: Domiriel)

Don’t you just love lists? I love lists. I don’t love “to do” lists, as they are a little demanding, but with my memory on the wane they have become annoying necessities. Recently I came across a list that makes a lot of sense to me. It is a life “to do” list that was included in some things a retired teacher friend gave me as she was going through the flotsam and jetsam of material left over from decades of teaching. She has a preponderance of binders she no longer uses, and since I need somewhere for my vast stores of “stuff”  I have accumulated we have come to a mutual agreement—I will gladly take her binders, and she gets to declutter.

Anyway….that is all a preface to a sheet of paper I found in one of the binders. It is called “Rules for a Happy Home.”  I am going to change the name of it to Rules for a Happy Life, as they can be applied to the world at large, as well as to our smaller worlds at home. For lack of a better term, my friend was what we at one time called  a Home Ec teacher. Her responsibilities though were much wider than the days of old when we learned how to cook and sew (I learned that I hate sewing, and cook only because I have to.)

The list is concise, and if you think about it, and if you follow it, you pretty well have a lot of life covered. So without further ado, here it is:

If you wear it………….hang it up.

If you get it out……….put it away.

If you sleep on it……….make it up.

If you drop it……….pick it up.

If you open it………close it.

If you get it dirty………….wash it.

If you turn it on………….turn it off.

If it rings………….answer it.

If it howls……….feed it.

If it cries…………love it.

Admittedly I don’t follow all these tenets, but I am working on it. I usually hang it up if I wear it. At my house, if I want to confuse people I hang their coats in the closet, rather than leave them draped over chairs and couches and tables. After a search of the house, some colourful language, and a plea to help them find their coats, I tell them I put their coats  in the closet.  They get a confused look on their faces (yes, that is you husband John and eldest son Adam) and then blame me for hiding their coats on them. One would have thought that a coat placed in a coat closet would not be the subject of a mystery, but at my house, it is.

I do not always answer it if it rings, nor do I always make it up after I sleep on it—but we all have to have some goals. I love the last one: If it cries…….love it—we all cry out in some manner at times, and we all want to be loved.

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