Day 7 ~ 200 Words

Ladies' underwear advertisement, 1913

Ladies’ underwear advertisement, 1913 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A person wearing long johns.

English: A person wearing long johns. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Picked up the book “Freedom is Blogging in Your Underwear” by cartoonist, blogger, and author Hugh MacLeod simply because I liked the title.  It is obviously a title a male would come up with, as not too many females I know would sit at their computer and blog in their underwear. If I had written the book, it would have been called “Freedom is Blogging in Your PJs”.

MacLeod, who started blogging ten years ago, believes that it “permanently and irrevocably change(s) the world for the better”.  He provides a healthy list of reasons why he is such an advocate. First and foremost he says that through blogging his cartoons “have reached millions of people.” He also met his girlfriend through his blog (which I think should have been his foremost reason for loving the world of blogging, but I am a hopeless romantic), as well as his business partner and all his clients.

I have been bit by the blogging bug—and not for the original reason I decided to develop a site. Everyone, including MacLeod, raves about the community feel of blogging. And for now, for me, that is enough. Fame and fortune I am sure will follow.

MacLeod’s blog is

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