Canadians Do Too Have A Sense of Humour ~ Quote for August 2, 2012 ~

Statue of Queen Elizabeth II on Parliament Hil...

Statue of Queen Elizabeth II on Parliament Hill, Ottawa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I love Queen Elizabeth.

I was born on her birthday.

I feel a real kinship to her and her ever-present purse.

I love her hats~~

so this is no way is meant to be disrepectful, but come on — it is funny:

“Canada is a democratic society based upon the ideals of equality and opportunity for all. The symbol of this democracy is an unelected member of a foreign royal family whose status is determined purely by bloodline and an in-bred, out-dated hereditary class system. You know…sometimes the satire writes itself….”

                                         ~ Will Ferguson & Ian Ferguson ~ How To Be A Canadian (Even If You Already Are One)

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