Correcting Your Mistakes Is Bliss


photo038 (Photo credit: delboy1203)

English: Coat of arms of Tabasco

English: Coat of arms of Tabasco (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 The Food and Wine Hedonist responded to my blog post “There Is A Reason Why I Have  Not Been Freshly Pressed” last week and I thought it would only be fair to let you hear what he had to say. I complained that he had not responded to my smart mouth answer of what three things were always in my fridge. If you read it, you know that I said: crumbs, mold and mildew. It turns out that the post that was freshly pressed was not his, but instead by occasional contributor, The Sicilian.

Here is John’s (thefoodandwinehedonist) response, and I must say I think he is the best sport ever and I am now one of his faithful followers.

“Ha! And you didn’t think I’d respond… Clarification, it was The Sicilian, my occasional contributor to my blog that got FP’d. I have a post coming shortly on why it’s a big deal – mainly because of pride in work and wanting recognition.

But I agree the FP thing is very, very frustrating because there is some absolute crap that gets FP’d. It seems like you have to have some heartstring-pulling post or be a professional photographer with pretty pictures. BUT a lot of times, there’s just crap. I think a big reason I haven’t been is that a lot of my posts aren’t vanilla enough. I tried making them more so, but it’s not as fun. Thankfully The Sicilian got FP’d so I don’t have to try anymore!

BTW – your comment was hilarious…”

I then asked him what was in his refrigerator and he responded:

“1. Local, cured, hand-picked, organic, free-range, sustainable, non-GHO modified, free-trade… darn, I forgot what it was.
2. Body Parts
3. Rottweiler Tenderloin, because it’s a lot more flavourful and earthy, than Poodle (aka the canine equivalent of boneless, skinless chicken breast)

Seriously – Tabasco, sparkling water, garlic. But the first list was wayyyyyy more interesting.”

Me again: He is without a doubt, hilarious. And I just wanted to clear things up. When a mistake is made in the newspaper, there is a little out of the way article that explains the error. Well that is just not good enough–a whole blog post is what is deserved here.

Correcting your errors is bliss is it not?