Orange You Glad It Is Saturday?

English: A Pumpkin flower attached to the vine.

A Pumpkin flower attached to the vine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Any colour-so long as it’s black.” ~ Henry Ford

Choice. Henry Ford was not really into choice when it came to the colour of the cars he produced.  And black, if you have to choose just one colour is not a bad choice.

What colour would you choose if you could only choose one colour? I always have trouble answering the question: “What is your favourite colour” because I have lots of favourite colours.

For some reason I love the colour orange. It makes me happy. It is the colour of my favourite fruit, the pumpkin, which heralds my favourite season, fall. But I like red and green and yellow and peach and pink. As well as persimmon, eggplant, cinnamon, salmon, and avocado green (ever wonder why there is no colour associated with tuna or garlic?) Just blue does not capture my imagination—but certain shades blues like sky blue and robin’s egg blue and denim blue do. And I love the words indigo, cobalt, azure and sapphire. And cerulean. Okay I guess blue does catch my imagination.

Chartreuse is my least favourite colour mainly because I do not like the sound of the word. It is kind of jarring, and unpleasant to my ear. A bright yellowish-green, it is unpleasant to my optic and auditory palate.

So what colour gives you bliss today? And what colour takes it away?

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