Not one to back down from a challenge–here is my offering for Day 4 of Poetry month:


POETRY SOCIETY POSTCARD (Photo credit: summonedbyfells)


Poetry takes a fragment of life

And makes it live.

Words give meaning to

the steaming cup of coffee

charged with starting another day;

the newspaper unfolded and read

dispersing knowledge needed or not;

to the wash on the line

soldiered together with clothespins;

the tomatoes on their vines

climbing to reach the sun;

the work day with its busy-ness

and camaraderie;

the evening closing in

to end another day.

Resting our weary bodies

For tomorrow–

Fragments of life.

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~ Y and Z ~ Or End of Another Challenge ~

T2i - Infinity

T2i – Infinity (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

I am afraid I have lost heart with this challenge. If you will remember, about 26 days ago I took on the challenge of writing something every day using the letters of the alphabet. The challenge was at times challenging—some days were good, some days were not. As I come to the end of this, I find myself at Y and Z, with little creative resources left.

Yesterday I wrote a haikuish poem about youth (to coincide with the letter Y) that I felt was a bit misunderstood by some of my readers. The point I was trying to get across was that when we are young we have a voice and it is loud and boisterous and clear, but many times as we reach our middle age of youth, we lose our balance and our voice—we need to be listened to more than we need to be talked to. But it came across incorrectly as a kind of criticism of youth and that is not  at all what I was trying to convey. So with the magic of WordPress, I went to the list of posts and deleted my ~ Y ~ for the day. Oh, that we could so easily delete some of the others things in life.

Z—now that has me stumped. Of course the first word I come up with is Zero, which can be thought of in a negative way as nothing, but just think of six zeros after the number 1 and you have a million—and a million of anything is not nothing. Though I understand that the infinity sign is a lazy eight, I find zero represents something that has no beginning and no end—so I consider it the sister of the infinity sign.  I do not think life begins just the day we are born (or conceived—but this is an argument for our Parliamentarians in Canada) or ends the day we die. I do not know, but if I had my druthers, I would rather believe in the infinity of life. How about you?

So, I have come to the end of this challenge, and am hesitant to take on another. While it did stretch my creativity, I need to snap back, so to speak. My next step: Wake up my muse, as she has been on a long vacation. I  am going to attempt the task of putting together some of my newspaper columns to form what is known in these here parts as a book.  So, while this is not a daily challenge per se  — it should be challenge enough for a while.

Every once in a while if you want to bug me and ask how I am coming along, feel free. As I make progress, I will provide you with an occasional update, and ask you if you think I am going in the right direction. I have always wanted to write a book, and have started several, but the task seems so overwhelming that I think if I bite it off in little chunks it may actually come to fruition.

So tell me what you think? Are you embarking on a challenge soon?


Infinity (Photo credit: bellatujewelry)

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New Challenge ~ Or Will I Really Be Able to Blog to the Alphabet?


Elmo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

~ September 1, 2012 ~

Today I started my new challenge without really knowing I was starting a challenge. When I asked all of you in my post yesterday to suggest a new blog challenge – one of you came up with an idea that must have stuck in my subconscious. came up with an idea for me.  This time she volunteered the idea. Last time, if you remember, I stole her idea of three things to be grateful for each day or what she calls her beautiful things.

She suggested I start doing posts that begin with the letters of the Alphabet, and continue it until I reached the 26th day with the letter Z (pronounced Zed in Canada so does not really rhyme with the Alphabet song the way Zee does–but it is a cross we have to bear.) I thought it was an interesting idea but did not knowingly take her up on it, until I noticed that my Haikuish today began with the letter “A”.

So, I am off and running with another challenge. Tomorrow, the letter “B”. Somehow I feel a bit like Sesame Street–so to go with the flow– read this in Elmo’s voice in your head: Today’s post was brought to you by the letter A and the number 1.

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200 Words ~ Day 1

The last rays of sunlight on Mount Everest on ...

The last rays of sunlight on Mount Everest on May 5, 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My Goal:

Write 200 words a day for the month of July. (Not counting my weekly columns, which have to be at least 750 words to fill my space on page 5 of the paper it lives in).


Same reason people climb Mount Everest.

What is that?

Because it’s there.

Actually, Kathy Drue,  from the blog: Lake Superior Spirit is attempting this, so I thought I would give it a try. I told her that it would be challenging to decide which babies to throw out with the bath water. (If you wonder what this baby thing is about—I learned from one of the members in my writers’ group, that “killing your babies” means that there are times when you have to edit out some of the best parts of your writing to achieve a goal: to make it more readable, the correct length, or not  elaborate on something that does not need elaboration.  That is my loose definition for a horrible term much befitting the process of editing).

I have been looking for a doable challenge for some time.

Think I have found it.

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