Sleeping Earrings

I am wondering if you are ever faced with this problem: You read a comment on a post you have written and you do not know how to respond. Not a comment from one of those robots who cannot spell or are insulting—but really nice bloggers who seem so sincere in their comments, but you wonder what the heck they are talking about?

English: Earrings with pearls

English: Earrings with pearls (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, yesterday, I was one of those commenters. I left a few what I thought were funny comments but the people who received them were confused and replied in a way that made me believe that my funny comments were not all that funny. Some of them responded seriously; some of them got my lame sense of humour; and some of them just did not reply and are probably still wondering what the heck I meant. They say when you have to explain funny, well then, what you are explaining is not, uh….funny.

Earrings with gold and "Sleeping beauty&q...

“Sleeping beauty” Turquoise Earrings  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes I read really great blog posts, but there is something in the post I do not quite understand. I wonder what I am missing. I reread the blog—and cannot for the life of me understand what they are talking about. For example this morning, I read a post written by one of my favourite bloggers, and at the end she seemed to indicate that her earrings slept in. And I wondered what that meant—or did I read it wrong—so in my comment, I asked her if her earrings really slept in. I have not gotten a reply yet.

Now I often wonder what my earrings get up to when I am not wearing them. Now I know. They sleep.

If you are trying to make heads or tails out of this blog—just give up—I do not think it has a beginning or end. I am baffled, bewitched, bothered and bewildered today, and possibly not cooking on all burners …(my cauldron is being repaired).

Do you have days when your burner does not light or your cauldron boil?

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