Personality Change….

Stone smoothed by the years
Layers of regret cast off
Sharp corners rounded.


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Where Is The Bliss In That?


[Denial] (Photo credit: Shovelling Son)

Write you own eulogy is the WordPress daily prompt today. And to that I say, bah humbug! Where is the bliss in that? Of course I want to be remembered but I am not ready to take my leave just yet.

I stick firmly to the premise that I am middle-aged even though if I am really middle-aged the researchers had better come up with something that keeps us living well past 100 with our minds intact and not too many aches and pains.

A friend of mine asked me yesterday how I am going to celebrate my birthday this year as it is one of the milestone birthdays that end in a 0. It is also a milestone for other reasons, but I am so in denial about that.

I do not read magazines that are aimed at Boomers or Zoomers or whatever they are called these days. They look like perfectly good and innocent magazines, but I am not ready yet. I have not achieved all I want to achieve.  I have not been there, nor done enough of that to warrant reading a magazine for people who have reached a modicum of success. (Debbie, if you are reading this–I read all the other mags you give me and John reads Zoomer).

Crazy Woman Creek

Crazy Woman Creek (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Am I in denial?


Am I going to write my eulogy?

Absolutely not (though I read those of others who took up the challenge and they were wonderful—they are obviously more mature than I, or took the exercise as a challenge and not an affront.)

I read the following quote on, and though it does not totally mirror my attitude, I do like the fact that I have supposedly reached the age of discretion and discernment–the discarding part is still to come, as are the expensive toys:

“Welcome to an age of discretion, discernment and discarding of outmoded ideas.
Being over 40 doesn’t mean being over the hill.
Rather it means that you’ve climbed further up the mountain.
So your view of life is more expansive,
the knowledge gained is more extensive,
and your toys are more expensive.”

Are you in denial or more mature than I and made peace with your age? (Actually it is not my age I mind, it is the labels and expectations that go with it.)

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Day 25 ~ 200 Words

This is the last entry of my 200 word challenge. I may miss it. I may not.

I Remember When I Was Young

I Remember When I Was Young (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I cannot remember my student number. Little wonder, as it has been over three decades since I last used it. But for years I knew it. It was my student identification at university. Though it was just a number, it was my number.

I seem to have forgotten whole portions of my life. It is like grades two and three did not happen. And it is as if I was never young. Or maybe, truth be told, I never grew up.

I seem to be forgetting more and more things these days. I remember when I was dating my husband 32 years ago, a woman I came into contact with quite frequently could never seem to remember my name. I was insulted at the thought that  I was not memorable. Now, I am that woman. I am about her age now, and I have forgiven her.

Sometimes we notice things that we attribute to age that perhaps we have done all our lives. Maybe I never really was good at remembering certain things.

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