Politically Incorrect Wonder Years

Wonder Bread Hometown Fresh Sign

Wonder Bread Hometown Fresh Sign (Photo credit: joseph a)

As politically incorrect

as a bologna sandwich

on white bread

with mayo or mustard or sometimes both

topped with iceberg lettuce

and cut into dainty quarters

accompanied by salted potato chips

on a styrofoam plate.

Gulping down a coke

with its empty sweet but oh so delicious calories

while watching TV

a rarity in my childhood house

where most meals were served

at the dining room table ~

meals that included meat and potatoes

and a side of vegetables or two and a salad

on china plates.


Dessert (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And in those days dessert ~

because my father

who expected little, did expect dessert.

Bliss then was

a rare sandwich for supper

instead of the usual heavy healthy fare

and the best sandwich of all

was politically incorrect.

What did you eat that gave you bliss when you were a kid (or even now) that seems out of step with our nutrition crazed (and rightly so) world?

My Safe Harbour


Trees (Photo credit: @Doug88888)


No longer in the backyard of my childhood home

My tree lives on only in my memory.

In yesteryear

I would climb into my tree everyday

and sit in its generous crook,

my back leaning against the rough bark of the trunk.

The branches formed a canopy

shadowing the sun

A breeze would rustle the leaves ~

and I would settle in with a book

or just observe the world

whiling away an endless summer afternoon.

I was sad to see one day

when I went to visit the place where my beloved tree once reigned

that it was gone.


the vivid memories remain

of sunlit days sitting in my tree

safe and apart, yet one with the realm ~

English: Venerable tree, Breamore Down This be...

Venerable tree (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I ruled the world from its safe harbour.


Remembered bliss–is there anything better? Do you have a childhood memory of bliss that stands out?

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Hope Springs Eternal


hope (Photo credit: mindfulness)

“A writer is not a writer because she writes well and easily, because she has amazing talent, because everything she does is golden. In my view, a writer is a writer because even when there is no hope, even when nothing you do shows any sign of promise, you keep writing anyway.” ~ Junot Diaz

Love this quote and the fact that it applies to all of us, not just writers. Tell me if you agree that it applies even if you change it to read: when there is no hope, even when nothing you do shows any sign of promise, you just keep on anyway.

I tend to think that there is always hope, but agree that we should keep on, even if hope seems to have taken a vacation without us.

Do you agree that bliss is never giving up on hope? No matter how dim, or how hard it tries to hide?

Poem for Day 17:


Hope is the hold out

The one thing that can be diminished

Only by lack of faith

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Down But Not Out


Hope (Photo credit: Ghayty)

hope for the future

not vanquished yet by evil

hold on for dear life

My prayers are with those affected by the explosions at the Boston Marathon. There are no words that suffice. There is no bliss here.

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Thinking Out Loud

I am inspired today

Idea Barnstar

Idea Barnstar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

with a new idea.

An idea

that if it takes form

would plug me into the outside world ~

A world of creative thought

Of possibility

Of people with like ideas

Who understand that philosophy

Is merely approachable ideas with values and beliefs.

But I cannot reveal it–

It is too soon.

Inspiration and new ideas lead to bliss, even bliss unrevealed. Do you have a new idea that produces bliss?

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Mirth Smothered

Monas Lisas

Monas Lisas (Photo credit: Le DiNoyl)

Mysterious Mona Lisa’s

Mirth was smothered by her

Painted enigmatic smile

Who smothers your bliss?

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Dear Universe

Dear Universe,

English: The answer to life, the universe and ...

The answer to life, the universe and everything: The porch.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I thought about writing a pro/con list…..

All the good things in life

Counteracted by all the bad things

Or, on a more positive note

All the bad things in life

Counteracted by the good.

But I decided not to write a con list

I know those things backwards and forwards

I know them too well

They keep me awake at night

And apparently giving them life on paper

Would just give them more power~

So I am just going to write a pro list

And see if the universe responds.

Do you think leaving it up to the universe is a way to find bliss? I am of two minds on this………..

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A Cliché

English: Ho Hum Records Logo

English: Ho Hum Records Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is April

And it is raining

Ho hum.

(Brought to mind by that old saying: April showers bring May flowers.)

What clichés bring you bliss?

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My Street


Silence (Photo credit: requiemm)


Dog barking

Motorcycle revving

Grass growing

Refrigerator humming

Phone ringing

Water running

Toilet flushing

Radio blaring


TV off

Blinds drawn

Lights dimmed

Clock set

Book retired

Sleep calls

Blessed blissful silence…………………

Arf, arf, whoof, whoof ~

Stupid dog!

What breaks up your bliss?

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Animated milk carton from Coffee & TV video.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anxiety takes over

Will it be there?

Will there be enough

To sooth the soul?

Or will it be lacking

Missing, as it were, in action?

Will I come up empty

Will there be sorrow?

I open the door

Reach in

Feel its heft

And know……………

There is enough milk for my coffee.

Sometimes bliss is as simple as having enough milk for your coffee. What simple thing gives you bliss?

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