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It is Monday morning and time for some silliness to start the week, although I am totally aware that you probably won’t be reading this until mid-week or later. There is always time for silliness. Yesterday I went to a Book Launch at the Woodbridge Farm Writers’ Retreat put on by Grant Munroe and friends and the bookstore, Biblioasis. This is not a news article, so I may be fleeting in my details as I want to get on to the main announcement.

The announcement is predicated by one of the authors/poets at the Launch, Marty Gervais, who is the Poet Laureate of Windsor. A multi-talented guy (I once stalked at the Windsor Bookfest to get him to sign a book of poetry I had purchased), Marty read us some poetry and then an excerpt from his upcoming book, “The Disappeared: Five Days Walking the Five Towns” (of what makes up Windsor now).  It will be published by Biblioasis and out in the fall—and that is just about all I will tell you now as the author, poet, professor, photographer, past newspaperman, and mentor of many has too many accomplishments to list in my precious little space).

What we are going to concentrate on in this column is that he is the Poet Laureate of Windsor. A distinguished title, and one that I will not take away from him (as if I could). But I have decided to be the Poet Laureate of Kingsville, until I am unseated by a proper poet. I told him this and we laughed and laughed. And laughed. But wouldn’t it be cool to have a Poet Laureate in Kingsville? I know that I am self-appointed, and there are many in the area who deserve the title and would not have the audacity to appoint themselves.

I read somewhere that “all poetry is political”. I am here to tell you that is not true—most of my poetry is written, what did my dear youngest son say, “like I was in grade 5”. I tend to write a lot of haiku (which I found out is both the singular and plural of the word by some haughty haiku observers I encountered on my blog—and deleted promptly) as it is a form that I find both attractive and short—though sometimes I do have trouble counting syllables.

Haiku for anyone who does not know (or really care) is a form of poetry which can be quite exacting—but all true haiku does not have to be. I follow the 5-7-5 syllable count because it is something my simple mind can handle—but rather than go into it, if you are interested, you can Google it and find out a myriad of information, most of which I tend to ignore. I also write longer poetry—but none of it is very deep—or if it is, I did not intend it to be.

Anyway—this is a rather long-winded way of telling you that I am the new, first, and only, self proclaimed Poet Laureate. Of Kingsville. If you are real poet and want to take my title away, I will not be offended. I will understand. It will be okay. I will, though, cry a little in my beer. Not my wine, because I do not want it to be sullied by my tears.

Now For the More Serious

I will probably report on this in a bit more detail, but as this is my column and thus opinion, I will merely mention that I had one of the best weekends ever—first at the writers’ workshop run by Governor General award-winning author, Diane Schoemperlen at the Retreat. She has become my new bff. At least in my mind. I loved the workshop based on her memoir “This Is Not my Life”, I love her writing, and she is just a wonderful person. (Am I gushing here?) I would like to point out that the best friend forever moniker is merely a figment of my imagination, but it makes me happy, so who is it hurting?

Second, on Sunday I went to the Lawn Party and Book Launch of Diane’s latest book, “First Things First” (published by Biblioasis). That is also where Marty gave his reading, as well as poet and author D.A. Lockhart. Lockhart was charming and talented, and after I save up my pennies I will be buying some of his works too. (Must win that lottery).

I am now in a very “cultured” mood. And I am so happy that this little town and environs of ours is taking reading, writing, art, and music so seriously now. There are all types of venues on tap for those of us who want to feed our creative selves, and I for one, am thrilled.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Congrats on the promotion. If every arrondissement and shire has a poet laureate, well, there was this
    kid on the block who always was rhyming stuff. He had this one about barnacle bill the sailor……

  2. Aren’t author events fun? Oh, and can I have your autograph? 🙂

  3. Being silly is good for us, good for our health, well I think it is and big congrats on the promotion

  4. Well, glad to hear you’re the Poet Laureate of Kingsville. I never thought of that… Gee wonder what I could think of to appoint myself..’That will take quite awhile’… ha! I

    By the way.. While I dislike the words, envy or jealous; I am somewhat, of your knowledge and desire of reading books. I can’t really recall when my reading declined, and is now replaced by electronic media with sparse reading of books. Maybe I’ll never get back into it; but I’d say maybe it’s more an admiration of your interest and ability etc. for the love of books and reading… Maybe I could give you another title like ‘Reading Laureate of Kingsville.. Diane

  5. Love this!!

    What makes a poet real?

  6. Dear Kingsville Poet-Laureate Lou: A worthy self-moniker, so well-done you for achieving it! We’re looking forward to the many accolades Kingsville will award you. Of course we’ll expect great things, not the least of which will be your Haiku. Don’t downplay those Grade-five style poems ~ isn’t that the level at which our generation acquired writing skills, and the last time schools taught proper grammar and spelling? I’d say you’re already kilometres ahead in today’s literacy competition. As for Marty Gervais, you’ll recall I worked with him for many years, and we remain long-distance friends via Facebook. There’s an ever-expanding repertoire of talent in that man ~ have you seen his brilliant photography? Marty’s a great choice for mentor/poetic hero. You’re wise to stalk his work.

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