Slipped Up but Happy 2017 Anyway

I asked if you wanted a blog New Year’s Party and many of you responded positively. But I slipped up. I got busy. And I did not extend an invitation. So I am going to correct that and have a New Year’s party review.

To take part just answer any one or all of my following questions, and let us make the first week of 2017 festive:

  1. Did you make a resolution or two or three? If you did—what is it—or are they? If you did not-Why?
  2. Did you go out New Year’s Eve or Day? Whether you did or did not—how did you celebrate?
  3. Did you see the ball drop? Did the ball drop? I did not see it.
  4. Watched the Queen’s address to Canada on the eve of our 150th She wore a maple leaf and spoke French for part of her message. I understood her French (which means she spoke it slowly and simply). Did you watch?
  5. Did you see our Governor-General give his message in the snow and sleet of Ottawa? I love that guy.
  6. What did you eat and drink? Were you merry?
  7. Any words of advice for 2017?
  8. Did you sing Auld Lang Syne? (or however you spell it)

My answers:

  1. Read more. Can’t mess up this resolution.
  2. party on New Year’s Day.
  3. No did not see it drop
  4. Yes (obviously)
  5. Yes again
  6. Lots of shrimp and white wine. And yes, I was merry.
  7. Have hope.
  8. No.
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