The Abominable Snow List

I love lists. And I hate lists. I love lists of possibilities. I hate “to do” lists. I love the lists of dreamers. I hate the lists that remind me of reality—of the things undone that I must do. I love to read other people’s lists and find out what is important to them. The very minutiae of the everyday and the bigger thoughts and ideas that take us outside ourselves.

I have a book that is meant to be interactive. In order for it to be a complete book, it must be written in, filled out, and created. In order for it to have any meaning at all, I must put pen to paper, jot down my miscellaneous thoughts, dream a little, imagine a lot, and commit myself in words to action. The book is called “the 52 lists project” and is touted to be “a year of weekly journaling inspiration.” It was created (I would say written but there is not much writing) by Moorea Seal and illustrated by Julia Manchik with photographs by Julia and Yurly Manchik. I mention the last two because often we leave these illustrators and photographers out. They should not be left out as they are part of the experience of this little book. They provide inspiration just as the author does.

The book was published by Sasquatch Books in Seattle. There is really no reason for you to know this other than the fact that I really like the word Sasquatch. The vision of a huge white fur matted monster-like human creature stirs my imagination. Perhaps you thought of Yeti or Bigfoot or the Abominable snowman. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary (embedded in the workings of my laptop) defines Sasquatch as “a hairy creature like human…reported to exist in the northwestern U.S. and western Canada and said to be a primate between 6 and 15 feet…” I beg to differ with this definition, having been brought up thinking that the sasquatch or bigfoot is a character from the 1964 movie, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. They called him the Abominable Snow Monster.

But I digress…as I so often do. We were talking about lists. And my new book thus unsullied by my pen. Since we are entering Week 48 of 2016 I guess that is as good a place as any to start. List 48 wants me to “List the things you want to add to your life.” And in case I am stymied there is some further inspiration included that just may help move me along in my list making. The author’s note for the list states: “As we transition into the holiday season, we start dreaming about all of the presents and objects that we want. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming of gifts, but what is it beyond the physical and tactile that you crave most?” So, I take from the prompt that I am supposed to think a little deeper about my list and go beyond my yearning for a red convertible and some fancy dancey new boots. Hmm…must give that some thought….

Okay, next week, Week 49. Much easier: “List your favourite books.” Well, this one is right down my alley—but I have so many favourite books—where to start, where to start? The prompt asks me to “Reread a chapter of a favourite book to remind you why you first fell in love with it.” Now I am wondering: which one, which one? This whole list thing is not as easy as I thought.

Week 50 asks me to list my accomplishments. Well that is pretty straightforward. But accomplishments are in the eye of the beholder—but since I am the beholder I guess I get to choose. You may not think that driving at night is much of an accomplishment, or finding my other blue sock, but hey—this is not your book! You don’t get to judge.

List the things you want to be known for is Week 51’s assignment. Hmm…. again. Well we all know it is not my gourmet cooking or domestic prowess.

Okay, Week 52. The last week of the year. I am supposed to list the most memorable moments of my year. Is this a test? Okay memory—get fired up. On second thought, maybe I will wait until the New Year and start with Week 1. It tells me to list my goals and dreams for the new year. I can do that—and I still have a few weeks to think about.

In the meantime, I will get ready for the holiday season which seems to be upon us. Now where did I put those holiday decorations when the basement flooded last winter?

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  1. I do love lists, LouAnn. They help me organize my thoughts and crossing stuff off them gives me a sense of accomplishment that fires up additional accomplishment. I do best with notes written on scraps of paper that can then be tossed when done, and on my cell phone notepad, where I can delete as I complete and add as needed. That last, actually, seems to accommodate my vagaries best. Hope you find your decorations! 😉 xoM

  2. I like lists, I like to write lists then put the list somewhere and forget where just saying.

  3. Did you find your decorations? I too love lists, they are an old school organizational tool that technology can duplicate but not as satisfying. I like to cross things off my list with a pen… where did I put my grocery list???

  4. What a wonderful post – I couldn’t stop smiling as I read it :). I love lists and some are helpful while others are just for fun. I always have a few to-do lists on the go, and nothing feels better than crossing something off of those lists! But my favourite lists are about books of course. I know that will not surprise you. I have a pretty hardcover notebook where I keep list of all the books I read each year and also a list of the books I own that are autographed (122 at last count). I also have electronic lists on tablets and/or phones – favourite quotes and favourite quotes about books. Finally, I have two databases on my iPhone, one that lists every book I own and one that lists all my movies. That way if I am in a store I can check if I have a book or movie before I buy it. I know I’m crazy right? I know my kids certainly think I am LOL :).

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