harsh summer heat

blown away by harsh winds

and pelting rain

relief sighs sweetly

Published in: on August 21, 2016 at 8:28 pm  Comments (18)  

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  1. Nice, but not true here in Florida. :o)

  2. Wahh, I’m cold :(. I love hot summer days!

    • nowhere close to cold here, but no longer tropical…I so wish I loved the heat the way you do–I would not suffer as much…

      • I do love it even when the sweat is dripping off me LOL. I’ve always been a hot weather girl, and I’m already getting depressed about the early reports of what is coming this winter :(.

  3. Love this! Your season is on it’s way…..

  4. Oh so nice

  5. Not sure how it’s been in your part of the world, but cool temps and rain sound wonderful to me! We are in a relentless 90 plus pattern with nonstop sun.

    But then I love thunderstorms. I must have been born on a stormy day. :). Happy Monday.

    • we had record hot temps that have finally been broken by a storm–thank goodness, I am not a hot weather girl. Hope yours breaks soon.Happy Monday to you too…

  6. Very nice. You captured something familiar.

  7. Today is one of those sweet relief days….and your beautiful words go with it.

  8. I’d love some of that heat to be honest. It’s getting too chilly too quickly where I’m at for my liking! But I’m glad for your sake it’s cooling down. 🙂

    • where are you that you want some heat–I will send some your way–it is heating up again for a couple of days this week…

      • In the San Francisco Bay Area! It’s the middle of August and I think it’s a done deal that there’s no “real” summer here sigh.

      • wish we did not have a real summer–I am not a summer girl at all!

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