Random Thoughts Wednesday


I took an online questionnaire to see how “hippie” I am. I am zero percent hippie. It said I may belong to some other group, but I am by no means a hippie.

This was not a surprising bit of information.

Although, if I were American I would write in a vote for Bernie Sanders.

Thankfully I am a Canadian and do not have to do this.

Also answered an ad by a psychic. He said I had a troubled childhood. I had a wonderful childhood. I am not paying him $49 solely based on the fact that if he got this wrong—he would get a lot of other stuff wrong.

Had a handwriting analysis once. It said some nice things, but also some not so nice things. I wrote it off. (see what I did there?)

I believe in God because I want to. Not because I know anything that others do not know. If I am going to take a leap of faith—I have decided this is the best direction. And I like to hedge my bets…..

Random thought Wednesday has just become my thing. Tune in next Wednesday for some more not so earth shattering random thoughts.

Oh, and remember, even a blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut…..

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  1. Hahaha I like the way you ended this.

  2. No hippie in my either just saying, also have to say this, my mind is often full of random shit that no one cares about, just so you know

  3. I stopped at first sentence and told myself, “I wouldn’t need a survey to know that I’m not a hippie” – a nut, yes, but a hippie, no.

  4. I knew too–but I did say I liked the Beatles–and I still got 0. I think that I fall into the same category you do–nuts it is.

  5. Love random thought Wednesday 🙂

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