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English: Sorting a random list using merge sort. English: Sorting a random list using merge sort. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cristian Mihai wrote a blog with ten random things about himself and he got 150 likes and over 50 comments, so I thought I would give it a try to see if I can garner stats like that–so far only my About page has come close to that in “likes”, over a period of a year, not a day. (I have had some good “like” days, but never 150).

So here they are:

1. Like Cristian, I thought driving was too complicated, so did not get my licence until I was 35. Cristian is right, driving is too complicated.

2. I went to University until I was 27.

3. I love frozen Hostess chocolate cupcakes (the ones with the squiggle on top). I deny myself this treat until I can deny myself no longer.

4. I love watching General…

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Random Thoughts Wednesday


I took an online questionnaire to see how “hippie” I am. I am zero percent hippie. It said I may belong to some other group, but I am by no means a hippie.

This was not a surprising bit of information.

Although, if I were American I would write in a vote for Bernie Sanders.

Thankfully I am a Canadian and do not have to do this.

Also answered an ad by a psychic. He said I had a troubled childhood. I had a wonderful childhood. I am not paying him $49 solely based on the fact that if he got this wrong—he would get a lot of other stuff wrong.

Had a handwriting analysis once. It said some nice things, but also some not so nice things. I wrote it off. (see what I did there?)

I believe in God because I want to. Not because I know anything that others do not know. If I am going to take a leap of faith—I have decided this is the best direction. And I like to hedge my bets…..

Random thought Wednesday has just become my thing. Tune in next Wednesday for some more not so earth shattering random thoughts.

Oh, and remember, even a blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut…..

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