I’m Back……………

It has been a long time since I have written anything other than a haiku, or posted my weekly column and I am not quite sure when I fell out of the habit of daily posting.

Some of my favourite bloggers have called it quits for a while (Kathy and Cindy and Sarah) and others have come back (Mimi and Brigitte); and still others—too many to recount have stayed steadfast for the moment. And then there is David who sometimes posts several times a day—they say that busy people are the best at getting things done—and he seems to be the poster boy for this saying.

Blogging is a wonderful thing. I have made such great friends, and been so inspired by so many of you. I hate naming names as there are so many of you who have made my life so rich. I think that one of the ways I will get back into blogging is to share some of those bloggers who have made such a difference in my life.

I have had very few “bad” experiences in this my blogging world. Those I did have I found ways to “erase” immediately, so that the world I have created and many of you are part of, is a wonderful world of whimsy, information, sharing, and part of my ongoing education. I am a student of life and will remain so to my dying day.

What inspired this post? The fact that it is my 5th Anniversary in this alternate universe.

It may take me some time to get back to daily blogging (I have some pressing things I must take care of to stay out of jail—just kidding—but I do have some things that need taking care of) but I will be giving it the “old college try”.

Are you keeping your blog up or do you need a shot in the arm (or kick in the posterior) to invigorate your inspiration?

(And by the way, Julie, if you are reading this—I love how you are fearless in your sharing—I have learned so much from you.)

(And Peggy—even though you do not blog—I love that you are a faithful reader and commenter, and my loving sister to boot. And you too, Mary. And Chay and Krista…………).

Who was it that did not want to name names?

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  1. Happy anniversary. Like anything in life, blogging has it’s cycles. In many ways, it has become a cyber-diary for me, sharing the view out my window and I’ll celebrate six years next month.

    Like you, I have made many friends though my words, my life is more interesting because of them and I feel closer to them than some people I see every day. Go figure?

    If it’s not fun anymore or if it adds stress to your life, you might as well pull the plug.. . or you can just get back in the routine. Regards.

  2. Welcome back. I’m still here, 6 days a week. But Village Undertaker is right. when it’s not fun anymore, stop.

  3. I really struggled to come back to it – and arguably two posts don’t make a rhythm per se. I jsut felt like everything I was putting out there was so trite..Not so you my friend – and I’m really glad you’re continuing with it!!

  4. Hi Lou, thanks for the mention, my friend. I find myself stopping then starting back up. I do believe it’s a wonderfully creative environment with wonderful people, such as you, in it. I don’t think I can commit to daily but I miss my Monday musings thing and posting about well, life, I guess. You’re one of my favorite bloggers and I love your writing style. Congrats on the five years and here’s to many more, Lou.

  5. Happy Anniversary and welcome back! I recently passed my 8th blogging birthday. I’ve never tried to blog daily, but I’m not happy with the infrequency with which I’ve been posting recently. It’s not for lack of desire. I chalk it up to winter doldrums and a lack of inspiration. I’ll soon be off on a long awaited trip, however, that should provide some wonderful material to blog about.

  6. I find it much more difficult to post in the summer…but I keep plugging away. If only I could devote this much time to writing my book!

  7. Hello my friend, welcome back and Happy Anniversary. I’m still blogging every day though sometimes it’s hard. For me it is important to find my three beautiful things each day – it helps to keep me sane in this increasingly unhappy world. I look forward to catching up again in due course.
    All the best for 2016. 🙂

  8. Congrats on 5 years in this ‘alternate universe’! I considered slowing down my ‘every Friday’ posting to just twice a month. But then I realize I’m having too much fun! Glad to have you back. 🤗

  9. 5 years is quite a run. Congratulations LouAnn. You are a Light.

  10. Welcome back, doesn’t this place called blogland feel so much like home well it does for me, also 5 years nothing to sneeze at just saying

  11. I do believe I’ll be hitting my 5th anniversary in a couple months time myself! How time flies…. Blogging has definitely feel by the wayside this past year but now that I’ve settled down a bit finally (new job, new living situation), I’m hoping to get back into it a little more. While I’ve seen many people fade out of the blogosphere, it’s still wonderful to see friends like you still plugging away at it. I’m not always as present as I want to be but it still makes me happy to see you posting away. Happy anniversary and cheers to keeping up old blogging friendships alive! 🙂

    • *fell by the wayside. Oh dear, even my spelling seems to have gone rusty!

  12. Hey!!! We have both returned to the yoke at the same time. Happy 5th Anniversary!!!

  13. 5 years, Bravo…..here’s to many more!🍾

  14. Happy Anniversary. You’re always a good place to visit. I’m glad you’re still here.

  15. Well done on getting to 5 years. I too am finding it harder to blog regularly and have fallen off a bit recently, perhaps its just a Winter thing and the Spring will motivate me again.

  16. Happy Blogiversary my friend!!! It’s hard to keep up regular blogging when there are so many things we want to do. I wish I didn’t have to work so I would have more free hours in a day, but that’s not going to happen for years yet :(. In the meantime, remember that I am always reading and enjoying your blog whenever you post :). We are just back from our amazing trip to Costa Rica, and I am still trying to catch up on emails let alone anything else!

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