A Glass of Vino

“Why don’t you just go begging on the street corner?” This was a response I received on Kijiji this week after placing a free ad asking for a particular article I was interested in obtaining. Inadvertently I put in an incorrect sum I was willing to pay for said article. What I was asking for and the sum I put in were completely incongruent, thus the above response from someone seemingly outraged by my “stupidity”.

The sum that appeared in the ad was $2.00 when one could not expect to buy the article I was requesting for anything less than 100 times that amount. I thanked the responder, who was by the very nature of the rules of advertising on Kijiji, anonymous, and said I would go back into the ad and correct it. But I am still a bit stymied by the response. First, I was a bit angry. It seemed like a pretty extreme retort to something that was obviously a mistake. Then, I wanted to respond in kind with a bitter edged strongly worded reply. Finally, I decided not to play the game that is quite rampant on the internet and spill out my guts in words I would later regret. So I simply thanked the disgruntled respondent for the “heads up” and told them I would correct my error.

I wonder though if the person who responded so severely would have done so if not under the guise of anonymity. Would they have been so insulting if I could trace the response back to them? Or was this a Kijiji generated response letting me know that my ad was, by all standards, insulting to anyone who read it. Who knows? I do not expect an answer, but it does give one pause about the lack of politeness under the cover of the faceless shadow of anonymity.

I have learned that the internet is a lovely place. I have a blog and through it I have met some wonderful people. But when I first entered the blog world I found a few people who were, shall we say—not so nice. I have learned how not to engage these people. And I used that knowledge as my measure in dealing with the Kijiji bully whose comment I found, on one hand, amusing, on the other, troubling. I am pretty sure the perpetrator was not trying to be funny. I think they were trying to put me in my place. And, rather than just inform me that they thought I made a mistake in my ad, they took an adversarial approach. To my mind, this is never the path to jog down.

On A Lighter Note

I have a more amusing and less troubling anecdote to share with you regarding a response from something that seems to have been computer generated (opposed to anonymous mean-mindedness). I am sure that anyone who uses a computer is familiar with the twists and turns your computer takes if you happen to hit the wrong key and your computer goes, for lack of a more technical term, kafluey. (I will not be applying for any IT jobs in the near future). Anyway, I was trying to figure out why my screen had gone blank, and during my efforts to return it to normal, a screen came up with these words: “I am sorry but what you are doing is not working. Go and have a glass of wine and come back later.” (These may not be the exact words—but the gist of the message is authentic.)

Well, I almost fell off my chair laughing—and that is a very dangerous thing to do particularly if it is a swivel office chair—because your feet get caught awkwardly in the mechanism and it is very difficult to extricate yourself. Then, I took the advice given to me on the screen from some unknown source (or Microsoft guy/gal with a great sense of humour). I got up from the computer, considered having a glass of wine (but since it was 10:00 a.m. in the morning—even I could not hide behind the phrase “it is five o’clock somewhere”) and left my computer.

I consulted my youngest son via telephone (he was away at college) as to how to handle the problem. And his response? “Turn off the computer”. This is advice I have taken to heart now, and you would not believe how many computer problems it solves (works with my cell phone too). I do not know how or why it works (perhaps things reset themselves?) but 9 times out of 10, turning off the computer works.

Now, if we could find a way to turn off cyber bullies that easily…………….

Have you had any questionable experiences?

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  1. It’s too bad anonymity gives people permission to be idiots! Hope you enjoyed your glass of wine. 😉

  2. I assume you meant anecdote not antidote. Autocorrect can be a difficult bugger now and then. As for your correspondent’s anonymity, wel that’s the interweb all over. I get death threats on FB, really shitty reviews of my short stories, people impugning my sexuality and parentage. I always just tell them to f*** of. Don’t like me, don’t read me. Simple

    • well, not wel Fat thumb syndrome

      • cannot thank you enough for anecdote–send correct version into paper–this is my weekly column–and by the way–love your attitude

  3. It’s the way forward. 😉

  4. I think you’re right, people hide behind the keyboard and feel they can say anything and do! I’ve not had any cyber bullying encounters but folks do get pretty testy when they’re behind the wheel of a car…..I’ve had people give me the finger, mouth nasty things, etc., thinking the car protects them. Never have I had anyone do that to me in person, for instance in the grocery store when I cut someone off with my cart or bump into someone, usually they say sorry before I can. Weird eh? Think it’s time for a glass of wine…..no excuses here, my screen is not blank. Enjoyed your column, as usual.

  5. My favourite computer solution for people – when in doubt, reboot! 🙂

    As for the jerk on the internet, everything has its pros and cons including the world wide web. I, too, have made many wonderful friends through blogging (you included of course), but there is always the occasional bad apple. I don’t think I would have been as mature as you though LOL. I’m quite sure I would have said something maybe a little sarcastic back to him or her :).

  6. There’s only one way to deal with the ignorant, ignore.

  7. Why on earth some people get their knickers in a knot over silly little mistakes I do not get why they have to be mean other then because they enjoy doing so

  8. This anonymous person perhaps spend their day looking at all the various ads looking for those he can straighten out… their hobby…
    Yes I learned as you have, that ‘restarting the computer’ and sometimes when printing issues, just turning it off and on again.. covers a multitude of problems… Diane

  9. How rude!! Yes, hubby is also a great believer in restarting my computer to solve problems I get. 😀

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