Just a Thought

Why do I rail at words that are spelled incorrectly but when I do it, think I should be forgivne?

Published in: on June 24, 2015 at 12:46 pm  Comments (15)  

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  1. Being a big believer in splleing, I will have a deffecult time forgiving yuo…

  2. U ar fourgivne. we Awl mak miztakes.

  3. Haha…I due the same thng.

  4. Bahaha!! I can’t do it. I can’t purposely spell words incorrectly to join in this fun. The OCD side of me just won’t allow it LOL :).

    • yoy perfectionist you. bet I could get you to spell something incorrectly if I promised you some chocolate or a good book….

      • Yup, that would probably work :). My birthday is a week today. I am already dreaming about chocolate birthday cake!!

  5. We will be kommunikating with emoticons soon, so it speling duzn’t mattir. 🙂

  6. Ha!

  7. Love this and love the comment stream. Ha!

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