A Hard Decision

It is the last week of May. My Martha Washington geraniums are planted and the decision not to have a vegetable garden this year has been made. Somewhat reluctantly. But a garden does take time and effort and love. This year we do not have the time and effort to put into loving our garden. We still have time to change our minds—but if we do, we will just be growing some tomatoes and peppers. I will be planting a row of Boston lettuce in a planter on my back porch though, but that it about it for this season.

I love having a vegetable garden. But, as with most things, I love the idea more than the reality. The reality means getting the garden ready which involves some spade work, the addition of new top soil, the decision of what to plant, and then the planting itself. I love to see the newly planted garden—everything neatly in its row and visions of salads and side dishes dance merrily in my head. This of course is the calm before the storm. The storm being the constant tending of the weeds, or in my case, the occasional tending.

I do not have a green thumb. In fact, it is my eldest son who generally decides to plant the garden and this year he has decided that he has enough on his plate without adding our backyard garden to his duties. And I understand. Tending a garden takes work; and not tending it makes it an overgrown mess. Last year he kept the garden up—it was virtually weedless and the harvest bountiful. But the dedication meant long hours in the hot sun.

My parents always had a large vegetable garden—but I remember they spent hours taming it every night after supper. To them, it was well worth the effort. This year my eldest son and I have done the math, and the effort that needs to be expended is just not in the cards. We have other matters to attend to, things to do, people to see, other work that is shouting for our attention. So we will not be planting peas and carrots and onions; there will not be six varieties of peppers or four of tomatoes; and we will not be growing our own jack o’lanterns.

It is our loss I know, but one we have made peace with.

Are you growing a garden this year?

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  1. I finally got mine planted last week, but we’re having lots of rain and colder weather so far. I will be curious to see if any of it comes up (from seed). Like you, Lou Ann, I debated as to whether to plant at all. I’ve got a busy summer ahead and it does take time not only for tending weeds but harvesting, and of course cooking!

    • good luck with your garden–the weather has to break sometime for you–it is quite warm here this week but we are in for a big storm this afternoon

  2. I will just have a few herbs in a pot! I know Adam loves his garden, maybe next year.

  3. Interesting post as we are just coming to the conclusion that the garden is taking to much time and there are other things we want to do. We are going to find perennials that will look after themselves and certainly grow fewer veg. Happy days to you 🙂

    • we have to make hard decisions sometimes–but hopefully they will pay off in the end–happy days to you too…..

  4. Mikey plants a veggie garden every year, and this year he has had to replant part of it because even though we covered it last week during the frosty nights, we still lost a lot. It was just too damn cold! If it was up to me, there would be no vegetable garden because I agree that it’s a lot of work and not what I want to spend my hours at night doing after a long day at work. However, Mike is the opposite. After a crazy busy day at work, he finds relaxation in the tending of his garden. Each person finds peace in different things, and if you have too much going on to devote the time to your garden, I think you made the right decision. We don’t need to add more stress to our lives. As for flowers, I have a couple of small gardens in my front yard and some planters on my back decks, but after everything is planted that’s about it for me. I put down mulch so there is no weeding, and then I just let it grow. You won’t see me out there at night “playing” in the garden like Mikey does. You know where I’ll be – on the deck with a good book :).

    • some people do find peace in their gardens, but like you–it is just time away from a good book

  5. We made the exact same decision this year!

  6. Other than a few annual plants.. we are only planting 5 tomato plants… because I love them fresh from the ground…. Diane

  7. We had a garden every year when I was growing up.
    I have yet to have my own garden though.
    Seems like it would take up too much time & work.
    And – right now – I don’t have much spare time.
    So – no garden for us – too much going on.
    The kids seem to be doing a great job at keeping us busy with sports & extra curriculars.
    One day…maybe…one day…

  8. I love the idea rather than the reality too! If a genie gave me one wish it would be to have a personal gardener here every day to weed and trim. 🙂

  9. Nope.

  10. I understand. I do.

  11. I don’t have a garden I don’t have the time to have a garden and even if I did try I would end up with a garden of dead stuff, me and gardening is not a good mix

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