Dropped in the Snow

There is a free workshop at the library and the workshop leader gave us an exercise for this week–we are to incorporate this opening line into an offering of around 200 words: “This came for you”. Here is mine, influenced by a movie I watched with my youngest son last week. It is a genre of movie I had heretofore not been witness to:

“This came for you.”

“Thanks,” she said, as she reached out the partially open screen door to retrieve the package.

“You might want to clean it off. I dropped it in the snow.”

“No problem.” She looked the delivery person in the face for the first time and noticed it was not a person at all. It was a monkey. A monkey dressed in brown shorts and a brown shirt open at the collar. The company logo was safety pinned to the shirt.

“This is my first delivery. I just got the job yesterday and they needed me to start today. I guess you might call it on-the-job-training. Although I am pretty sure dropping a package you are supposed to deliver is at the top of the list of no nos in the delivery business.”

Sarah, not knowing what else to do, smiled. She tipped the delivery monkey a dollar and closed the door quickly. She had never tipped a UPS guy before. But then again she had never received a package from a monkey before either. A monkey who smelled like…well he smelled like coconuts!

She watched him walk up the sidewalk and get into the delivery truck and drive away.

She resumed watching Return of the Planet of the Apes. One of the apes looked familiar.

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