2015: Year of the Blind Squirrel

This week’s column–had lot of trouble writing it–hope it does not show:

even a cup of coffee is not safe anymore

even a cup of coffee is not safe anymore

Predictions run rampant at this time of year. I have a three tiered definition of the word and it goes something like this: a prediction dressed in optimism is a forecast or projection; clothed in pragmatism it is a prognostication or estimate; and, donning gypsy clothing, it is merely a guess disguised as truth. Or if you prefer a more simple definition, a prediction is when someone somewhere (and it does not really matter who or where) makes a statement of what they think will happen in the future.

I do not necessarily put a lot of store in predictions, but I do find them fascinating, both in their content and the arrogance of the prognosticator. The fascinating part is that sometimes predictions (or a facsimile thereof) come true. Randomly Googling “Predictions for 2015” I found twenty-nine predictions on the Fortune website–many of them economic, scientific, and health related. (If you want to check them out go to fortune.com/2014/12/04 predictions). The two that caught my imagination were not earth-shattering (at least in my world) but mildly interesting. The first is that the price of lattes will go up in 2015, and the second is that mom jeans are making a comeback.

I am not really sure why I care that the price of lattes are going up since the last time I had one was Never, but I found the fact that coffee beans are predicted to be extinct in 2080 slightly alarming. This year the price of both coffee beans and milk is projected to rise by 30%, hence the price of the latte is predicted to go up. Not good news for latte drinkers, but not a big loss for me. It is important to note though, that regular coffee drinkers and those who enjoy a glass of milk with their chocolate chip cookie will also be affected. In the interest of all that is caffeinated and dairy related, I hope this prediction is wrong.

I do hope that the other prediction that caught my attention is right though. I herald the return of the “mom jean” which I wore proudly and comfortably for many a year. According to the Fortune predictions, both Goldman Sachs (a global investment banking, securities and investment management firm) and Vogue magazine agree that “the high-waisted, angle length, slightly tapered denim trouser” is making a comeback in 2015. Fortune does not really explain why, but I know why. They are comfortable and relaxed, and though they are not all that figure flattering—many of us do not care all that much. And what has really sold me is the fact that Miley Cyrus and Chloe Sevigny are on board. Admittedly, Miley is not so much a fashion icon as fashion mess, but Chloe was a 1990’s “it” girl, so that is good enough for me. (Had my husband read this and he did not get it—so for clarification I was being a little tongue in cheek here.)

Some of Fortune’s other predictions were noteworthy—like the S & P will close at 2312 at the end of 2015, a 10% boost; the Apple Watch will succeed; and, stool samples are going to go mainstream. It is this last one that I find fascinating, and almost included it as my number three most interesting prediction by Fortune. Evidently “our bacterial ecosystems will unlock the trickiest medical issues from obesity to allergies” in 2015, due to our “data-rich stool(s)”.

I have no personal predictions for 2015. I have hopes. And dreams. And wishes. And perhaps too strong of a reliance on my weekly $4 6/49 ticket. I have read many a book advising people to rely on their sixth sense which includes instincts, intuition, and gut feelings, but I was definitely behind the door when that bonus was given out. On occasion my hunches pan out, but I heed the philosophy of my husband who is often heard saying “even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.”

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  1. Nope, I detect no trouble…..interesting post, really enjoyd reading it. But, Mom jeans, seriously?😥

    • they are comfortable–I do not mean the ones with the elastic waist though

  2. You hid any trouble really really well…but that’s no surprise to me.

  3. May we all find a few of those nuts! Great post.

  4. That was fun, LouAnn! I look at predictions as statements of intention and when you have enough people buy into that intention, consciously or unconsciously, of course it will appear to come true. Just sayin’. xoxoM

    • You have solved the secret!

      • LMAO!!! xoxoM

      • so glad you are back–sometimes we do not know what we miss until they show their spirit again–and you have done just that my friend

      • Thanks, LouAnn. It’s feeling quite lovely to be back! xoxoM

      • 🙂 ❤

  5. My mouth was twitching the whole time as I read this. We really have matching humor souls don’t we? 😉
    That prediction about coffee beans and lattes was a downer. If necessary, I can go without the milk but no coffee?? I already feel depressed just thinking about it! (Mainly because I drink coffee not for its caffeine but for emotional fulfillment…. why does that sound like I’m on drugs?)

    • you are young but I know I will be into my next life by 2080—I love that we have “matching humour souls”–

  6. Predictions are interesting not because I put any stock in them as I think they are usually a load of rubbish like when they say the world is going to end, that said I do like to read them and listen to them I don’t know why I just do

    • I find them interesting–but what I find even more interesting are the explanations a year later about why they were wrong

  7. I would love for high waisted jeans to come back. Seriously, I’m sick of seeing butt crack from the low rise pants :).

  8. Some who make what they consider very carefully …and very worked out predictions … are blind squirrels too… . .. that someone would decide that lattes were worth a prediction brings a smile to my face.. I fully admit I am one without hesitation Diane.

  9. Mmm mum jeans? I have seen photos from my dad’s time not sure I am a fan 😛
    But no trouble reading, I enjoyed your post!

    Choc Chip Uru

  10. Love this post and the way you stir my rather dull brain into action again!

  11. It doesn’t show that you had trouble writing this. If coffee prices go up, I’ll just have to let go of something else. I’m seriously thinking of turning my dining space into a coffee bar-like room, that’s how much I like coffee.

    I hope this comments stays on your blog! I made one on before and it was there, then it disappeared. Are you trying to tell me something, Lou? 🙂

    I look at predictions like horoscopes. If they’re positive, I believe them, if not, then I ignore them. As far as intuition, I think I have it. I just don’t always follow it which always, always, always lands me in trouble.

    (P.S. I won’t do the Mom jean, though. I’m way too short).

    • I have recently given up sugar in my coffee thus am not enjoying it as much but I still look forward to that first coffee of the day

      I too believe predictions and my horoscope if they are positive for me but if they are not I just dismiss them too

      as for mom jeans–I am finally getting used to the slimmer jeans and since I lost about 15 pounds recently I do not look too bad in them–so maybe I will not go the mom jeans route

      as for intuition–I am still holding out hope that I will come across it – lol

      so nice to hear from you–I would never stop you from commenting–ever

  12. I enjoyed reading this, too, LouAnn. Your challenges in writing did not bleed through to the reading. As for predictions, I’m not as interested as I once was with them. Although that mom-jean thing did cause a moment of delight!

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