Thrown into winter
Windy, snowy, freezing cold
Shiver me timbers

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  1. You’re right ‘too soon’ (didn’t get much time to ‘ease’ into it) Diane

  2. How’s this for a weather report? Snow on the grass on Monday, 70 degrees today. Ccccrazy! Stay warm, LouAnn.

  3. I have to admit that it’s kinda pretty. It makes me want to get ready for Christmas soon.

    • The snow is pretty, but the cold is a bit raw here–we are not used to this in the bananabelt!

  4. My timbers are shivering too! I spend each evening in the recliner under an electric blanket!

  5. Groan. It’s awfully cold. Your words are perfect for how I feel.

  6. Shiver me timbers indeed! The wind today was brutal. But we are much better off than Buffalo NY.

  7. Brrrrrr. At least you’re not in Buffalo. Those poor folks have had a rough go of it! Keep warm, LOU.

  8. Time to hibernate with our chocolate and books until Mother Nature gets out of her crappy mood :).

  9. I can feel the icicles in those few lines that leave me wondering what February will bring if November keeps coming in like an avalanche.

  10. Send some cold and we will send you some heat – it is 43 degrees C tomorrow! :O

    Choc Chip Uru

    • why can’t it be around 20 or so all the time–except Christmas Day here–I like a little snow then but it is because that is the way I am conditioned

  11. Yes! Too soon!

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