Outside my Window

Yellow autumn leaf

Caught in invisible web

Dances in the soft wind.

My youngest son read this and said to me, “What are you in grade 5?”

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  1. Ty as of yet has not learned the art of poetry…..or he just likes to tease his mom!

  2. Haha….I love that!!

  3. At least he doesn’t read your columns…. Diane

  4. Smiling. He’s get it. In time, he’ll get it. Beautiful.

  5. Well, what does he know? I think it’s beautiful :).

  6. Sons are always slightly patronizing of moms, I find…at least that’s my experience. They think they’re older and wiser somehow!
    I love your poetry! Keep up the good work! ~ Sheila

    • Thanks Sheila–sons are wonderful but mine are still at the age where they know everything–I like their confidence though

  7. Haha he will get it in time – so beautiful!

    Choc Chip Uru

  8. Ha – sounds like my son!

    • they like to kid us, don’t they? I am reading all your posts but am behind in my replies–know that I am keeping a close eye on you!

  9. As Leonardo da Vinci *supposedly* said,” Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Or if that doesn’t convince your son, you can tell him that Steve Jobs also believed simplicity was the key to everything. 😉

    • I love your arguments–must tell him that my simplicity is only hiding my brilliance!

  10. Hahaha! Your youngest son has an immense sense of humor! Did you tell him your verse is deeply introspective and at the PhD level?

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