Perspective is everything….


writers experience everything twice

thich nhat hanh puts life so in perspective for me. Sometimes I do not appreciate the beauty in everyday tasks—okay, most of the time, I do not appreciate the beauty in everyday tasks—but his thoughts in this poem, found in the book “moments of mindfulness” help me to see these tasks as more than necessary evils.

I do agree with him wholeheartedly about the planting a seed thing, and even the cutting the grass thing, but I will need more convincing on the “washing a dish” thing. Here are his words of wisdom for you to consider:

Planting a seed
washing a dish,
and cutting the grass
are as eternal,
as beautiful,
as writing a poem.
I do not understand
how a poem can be better
than a peppermint plant.

Can you embrace the beauty of everyday tasks, or do you need a little “mindfulness” convincing? My only argument with…

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  1. As beautiful as this, I cannot enjoy small tasks without some larger goal I am working towards – but I want to try appreciate the beauty more so in something like exercising…

    Choc Chip Uru

  2. LouAnn, you must have been reading my mind. Yesterday as I was putting clean sheets on the bed, a thankless task until I slip between them, I love fresh sheets, I thought about writing a story about a girl who doesn’t want to be congratulated for how tidy she keeps house or her kitchen skills or how well she can balance a baby on both hips. Then I remembered that I am supposed to be writing a different story. Oh, and that there were dishes waiting in the sink.

    • dishes are always waiting for me–maybe that is a story that needs to be written–we seem to take for granted the trivial work we do–when it is not so trivial at all–I remember once complimenting my mom on her housekeeping skills and she said anyone could do it–I am proof positive that she was wrong

  3. there’s nothing as nice as walking into a clean, organized, sparkly home, with a few nicks and bumps thrown in for character, otherwise it’s not ‘comfortable’! 🙂

    • I agree — though it has been a while since I have walked into a clean, organized and sparkly home–actually that is not true–I have walked into other people’s clean and sparkly homes–my house has a lot of character though

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