I have a new site you might be interested in. It is: writers experience everything twice.

Join me there — it will have mostly writerly content and reviews of books on writing and maybe some wild and crazy creative dabbling.

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  1. This is great LouAnn – and I loved the first post – is there a ‘follow’ button for it?

    • still working on it–but follow button is at the bottom of the page

      • Ok – I’ll head back there – thanks!

      • would be very cool if you were my first follower–and no this is not a cult–at least not a bad one!

      • I think I was!!

      • yay!

  2. Read it and enjoyed it.

  3. Just read your post on the new blog and found it entertaining and full of common sense. For forty-three years I have been telling my students that good writing comes from re-writing and not advising to “go fishing.”

    • glad you liked it — re-writing is a necessary part of the whole process isn’t it?

  4. Nice new site. Great first post. I loved “On Writing Well”… will check this one out.

  5. Really enjoyed it Lou…..I did leave a comment.

  6. I just took a quick peak at your new site. I had to laugh as I changed my theme this week and it’s the same one you chose for your new blog. Great minds do think alike. 😉

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