Happy B Day Tyler!


My youngest son Tyler is 23 today. Twenty-three years ago he decided to come about 7 weeks earlier than his due date. He was three pounds five ounces. Today he is six foot one and over two hundred pounds. What a difference 23 years make.

Tyler describes himself as a man-child: he would fit right in with the Big Bang Theory guys except he rejects them as too stereotypical—and Tyler is anything but stereotypical. He just moved back home a few months ago after going to college in a city a couple of hours away and has his Marketing Diploma and a bunch of skills learned while living away from home. He knows how to cook a bit and clean up after himself, and do his own laundry—important life skills that translate into an independent young man.

He is caught up in trying to find a job so he can start paying off his student loans, and is worried about his future. I am thrilled to have him home, and since I do not know how long he is going to be here, I have to savour the moments.

We have watched Community and Parks and Recreation in marathon sessions. We have an occasional glass of wine together though beer is his drink of choice. We could both eat pizza every night though I think I might tire of it first.

He is my youngest—when he was gone my nest was pretty quiet. I love having him home and do not look forward to him leaving again, but it is inevitable. Until then I will enjoy him, and on his birthday, celebrate him.


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  1. Nice to have the nestling home, LouAnn. Enjoy! xoxoM

  2. Awww, that’s sweet. Do enjoy those moments with him, LouAnn, and I hope he has a great birthday! Though I don’t doubt that he will if he has you around! 😉

    And tire of pizza? Surely you jest!

    • tried to make his wishes come true and he was quite appreciative
      and I agree about pizza

  3. A survivor right from the start!
    Happy 23 & many…more to Tyler. 🙂
    Keep enjoying every moment…

  4. Happy Birthday to you both! 😉

  5. Yes do savour the days. I remember well our sons coming of age and having conversations ‘with’ them instead of the teenage years where it was more talking ‘to’ them … Happy Birthday to your son Tyler… Diane

  6. Happy Birthday to your youngest, and I totally understand about savouring those moments. I am doing the same thing :). Enjoy!

    • I knew you of all people would understand

      • Oh, I do, and yesterday it all really hit me when I went to the hospital to visit Mike’s new baby niece who had only been born hours before. As I held her in my arms and marvelled at her small, perfect body, it really hit me how the years have flown by. It seems like only yesterday that my boys were that tiny and relied on me for their every need, and now they are taller than me and quite self sufficient. It’s a real mixture of feelings isn’t it? We’re proud of what they have become, and yet we miss being the centre of their worlds. Oh my, I think I might start to blubber now……

      • a good blubber never hurt anyone my friend–it is hard to leave our roles behind isn’t it?

      • It really is :(. I mean I do love my new found freedom, but I also miss my babies.

  7. This made me smile LouAnn. Such a sweet time.

  8. !! Happy Birthday !!

  9. I empathize with him about the job search and it’s something I’ve been worrying about almost since I started school (I could teach classes on Advanced Worrying). Nevertheless, I hope your family had a good time celebrating and I’m sure things will turn out just fine in the end.

    • it is nice to have someone who understands–while it is nice having him home, searching for a job can be stressful!

  10. Beautiful post LouAnn

  11. Happy birthday to your son! How wonderful for you to have some time with him. I hope he finds a good job soon 🙂

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