Over too Soon………..

Almost 6:00 a.m.
Time to roll out of bed
Don my coral polka dot socks, shirk on my housecoat
Do my morning ablutions, then
stump down the carpeted stairs, and
feed the (insistent) cat who greets me at the bottom of the stairs.
Make 10 cups of coffee
Turn on the computer (and the wireless mouse which has an on/off switch)
Rescue the morning paper bagged in plastic from the rain
Go back to kitchen and pour coffees ~
one with three sugars and almost half milk (mine)
the other with two sweeteners and lots of milk (as opposed to half milk)
Make way back to living room, place coffees on table and settle in my red chair
Separate front page of newspaper from the rest and give it to my husband
Continue tradition started when I was eight of reading the comics first
And as the years have gone by, turn to the obits to make sure I am still kicking
Listen to the news on TV while reading the news and sipping my first coffee of the day
Ah, early Saturday morning…………….over too soon.

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  1. Wonderful morning….

  2. Part of reading the obits is making sure you’re still kicking, but I think, too, they are entertaining. More important, it’s a way of making sure I do’t overlook someone’s loss or a person from the past I would still want to acknowledge.

  3. What a great ritual you have, Lou. LOL @ the obits bit. 🙂

  4. I get the provincial paper, but I also get it on line. I always check the obits. Not sure why, but I guess it is to see if anyone that I know of has died. As long as I can turn on the laptop, I don’t look for my name.

  5. Sounds blissful.

  6. Good afternoon. Love how you let is join you this morning 🙂

    • I could make three coffees–how do you take yours?

      • Black with one sugar. I’ll be right over

      • I will get the danish

  7. Sounds good enough to repeat on Sunday.

    • it does, but there is no local paper on Sunday–so I save the Saturday National Post (which we have to buy uptown and is not delivered) for Sunday.

  8. I remember when I worked how I cherished Friday night because that meant I could sleep in Saturday morning…. ahhh but to be retired, and one day the same as the other…. one perk of getting older.. Diane

    • I have a feeling I will never get to retire–I will be sitting in Council chambers at the town hall taking notes for the newspaper when I am 96; and still fielding the query of “how do you come up with a weekly column every week?”

      • But will you be there because you have to or want to….hmmmmmm ! I could guess I suppose… Diane

      • a little of both–you are very astute

  9. A perfect description of your morning 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  10. I just love these kinds of mornings. Sounds so nice …

  11. I like that routine. Can I have a cup of tea, though?

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