Yesterday and Today

Missed writing a poem
Yesterday, so here it is

Who knew that a month
Could be so long when you are forced
to write a poem a day (yes I know this is six and not five syllables, and the line above is 8 and not 7—so sue me Haiku Gods—we will just call this a poem)


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  1. I wonder what it is about day 23, LouAnn? Interesting that we both hit a wall today! And I love your not-haiku! Hilarious!

  2. One more week…one more week…

  3. If I could write a poem per month, I would be proud! Admit it, you are talented!

  4. and it’s great!

  5. I say –
    A writer/poet is entitled to her writing twists & creative liberties… 😉

    • writing twists and creative liberties — love that turn of phrase Rosy – thanks!

      • Feel free to use it any time. 🙂

  6. I think for a month of poetry you are doing wonderfully 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. So we’re talking to Haiku Gods now are we..? ha!…. Diane

  8. Good morning LouAnn

    • Morning Audra–lovely day today

      • Chilly but yes the sun is shining. I’ll take it. Cheers

      • cold here too but bright, unlike me

      • Haa. Me too.

  9. Will you be glad when the poem thing is over? Saw your comment on Cathy’s…I was getting to your place. Not seen you at mine in quite some time though….

    How’s it going?

    • point well taken – I read your last post but find I did not make a comment–so I will revisit and comment–but until I do — it was”genius”

      • You don’t have too. I just thought you may not be getting alerts cause I’d not seen you around in awhile. It’s all good.

      • Of course I have to–you are one of my best blogger friends and I love your writing – love Lou

        Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2014 21:04:54 +0000 To:

  10. I’m not sure I could write even one poem, let alone one a day … for a month! I AM sure that the Haiku Gods are happy with you (not that I know them of course …) 🙂

  11. Rules. Who needs rules!

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