If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time………….

WordPress Krista asked today: “If you could return to the past to relive a part of your life, either to experience the wonderful bits again, or to do something over, which part of your life would you return to? Why?”

First memory: Second year university. Early Monday morning. I just returned to my dorm room from spending Sunday at home with my family and eating a wonderful dinner. It was 5 a.m. and I nestled fully clothed under my covers after taking care not to wake up my roommate. I was totally caught up in my school work, I had lots of friends, I liked my boyfriend at the time (he did not smother me), and all was right with the world. I want all to be right with the world again.

Second memory: The night I met my husband at a dance in the spring of 1980. We have been together ever since.

Third and Fourth memories: When I found out that my sons (one born premature in 1986 weighing 2 pounds 51/2 ounces and the other in 1991 at 3 pounds 5 ounces) were going to live healthy “normal” lives.

I am not sure I would return to these times to relive them, but they live on in my memory forever.

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  1. Such food for thought…

  2. Good memories to have…. Diane

  3. Such special memories, Lou. 🙂

  4. You’ve made a flood of my memories come back…..thank you.

  5. Yes…wonderful post…

  6. and reminds me of:

    :Now I finally seem to know what keeps compelling me to undertake the trip to the school: I’d like to go back to those minutes in the schoolyard when the past had dropped off of us and the future hadn’t yet begun. Time came to a halt and held its breath, as it never again did. Was it Maria João’s brown knees and the fragrance of soap in her light dress that I’d like to go back to ? Or is it the wish— the dreamlike, bombastic wish— to stand once again at that point in my life and be able to take a completely different direction than the one that has made me who I am now? There’s something peculiar about this wish, it smacks of paradox and logical peculiarity. Because the one who wishes it—isn’t the one who, still untouched by the future, stands at the crossroads. Instead, it is the one marked by the future become past who wants to go back to the past, to revoke the irrevocable. And would he want to revoke it if he hadn’t suffered it? To sit once more on the warm moss and hold the cap— it’s the absurd wish to go back behind myself in time and take myself— the one marked by events— along on this journey.”
    ~ Pascal Mercier, Night Train to Lisbon: A Novel

  7. Here I am snuggled up in layers of blankets to stay warm, while I should be doing other things warm feels better, so I decided to pay you a visit. 🙂

    First I can’t imagine the fears you went through watching your boys start life so fragile, you are tougher than I am to go through that twice. I’m glad they were healthy, what strong boys you have.

    I have lots of fond memories but also nightmare ones too. I have lived through them and made the best decisions I could at the time and even if I could change a few by going back I don’t think I would go back if the situation presented itself. I firmly believe I am who I am today because of those decisions, to make changes, well maybe I wouldn’t like where I would end up.

    • I think you and I are both tough–you raised two boys pretty well by yourself and I am not sure I could have been so strong–I have missed you as I feel we have made a nice connection

      I too do not think I would want to repeat history–the good memories are mine to keep, and well the bad stuff–it does make us stronger (though sometimes I have wanted to given in)–

      the only change I might have made is not to miss a few job interviews I was too stupid to not take seriously–but that is about it

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