Kick the Bucket Aside……..

This week’s newspaper column:

We are now entering into a sacred time—attention must be paid. It is now April and it is my birthday month. Just kidding—but seriously folks, we should pay more attention to ourselves—but not in a “selfie” gratuitous way, but in a way wherein we appreciate that we are still here with all the good, bad, and ugly life has to offer.

Sometimes I regret the fact that I am, in some circles, considered a “senior”. I do not feel quite up to the designation yet—nor do I feel wiser or older. I am not yet up to the task of being looked upon as someone who should be valued and honoured and respected because of my age. I do not deserve it yet, as I do not feel as if I have “arrived”.

What does that mean? I have not fulfilled what I believe is my mission: to rule the world. No, no—that was Brain’s mission (as in the cartoon Pinky and the Brain. If you have never viewed this iconic Warner Brothers offering—Brain and Pinky are mice, and Brain wants to take over the world. He has a huge head and is really quite intelligent. Pinky is a bit of a simpleton, but in the end he is the wise one—but I think I may be getting off topic here…)

I do not have a bucket list—or a list of all those things I want to accomplish before I die, as I do not relish the thought of kicking the bucket, so instead I have a life list—which if I want to put any dent in, I should get busy. Everyone should have a life list—a list of things which contains the obtainable but also the impossible; the practical as well as the whimsical; the necessary and those things of which dreams are made of.

So here is my life list—it does not take into account the things I have already obtained or experienced, but it is my wish list of things to continue to reach for. (I was feeling a bit low today and my husband reminded me of some of the things that I have already that no one can take away from me—this list is a complement to those things). Though I have numbered my list—the first is no more important than the last:

1. Have my words spread over all continents so that my wisdom will live on forever. Get published in a wider forum. Have my fractured attempts at writing haiku shared; my scattered thoughts put in book form; and Margaret Atwood finally invite me to tea (with ten of my friends) on Pelee Island.
2. Travel to the ends of the earth. The length and breadth of the world. Okay, I would be satisfied with seeing more of Canada and the States, visiting wine country in France and Italy (I have done my best in visiting the wine offerings locally), dropping in on the Queen (who shares my birthday), and…well, really why limit it—travelling to the ends of the earth (except the really cold parts).
3. Experience what I call “woo-woo” stuff—but not scary “woo woo” stuff. I like the idea of the ethereal but I seem to be stuck in the muck and mire of reality—then again, who says reality does not include these things?
4. Win the lottery. A big lottery. And then share it.
5. Clean up my bedroom. (In the scheme of things this seems inconsequential, but really if you saw my room—you would understand.)
6. Channel a little more of Martha Stewart and a little less of Erma Bombeck. (That is not true—I take that back—though I would love to be made up of the sterner stuff that is Martha, my beliefs are Erma all the way.)
7. Do whatever I can to help my kids have successful lives, but not do so much that it is not of their own volition and creativity.
8. Stay married for 50 years at least—that means I will have to live to at least 79. See you all at my golden anniversary—I will be having a big party—Led Zepplin (if they are still alive) will be making an appearance. It will be catered by Bobby Flay and Lynn Crawford. Dressy jeans will be the attire; and champagne with (local) ice wine the only elixir.
9. I will cook gourmet meals, have friends and family over to enjoy, and not have to clean up the kitchen. That will be putting to good use all those hours I have spent reading cookbooks and watching the Food Network.
10. Read to my heart’s content.

I implore you to make up your own “life list” while kicking the proverbial bucket aside—you may be surprised at what you come up with.

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  1. I’m with you – I LOVE the idea of a ‘life list’ instead of a bucket list…You have my mind churnin’….

  2. Think I could be one of the 10 invited to tea with you and Ms. Atwood?

  3. This is great. I have to admit, I have a list but it is more of a “what do I want to do this year” kind of list. I can’t seem to think much beyond that!

    • and I cannot narrow it down like that–sounds to much like planning and I hate planning – ha ha

  4. Food for thought… why is it (again when you’re middle-class even) seniors that a good portion of my list would involve monetary wealth.. Oh well… c’est la vie Diane

    • because monetary wealth would easily help you get so many things on your list–I already have the things money won’t buy–now I want the things that money will buy

      • Exactly… !!! It’s so nice to ‘imagine’ how generous I would be when I won a lottery… darn it though I have to remember to buy a ticket… Diane

      • that is the first step – lol –

  5. This is a great list LouAnn. I do not have one. Perhaps I should.

    50 years is a commendable anniversary in this day and age. I’ll reach that at age 73. I hope we live that long.

    Cooking and no dishes? No clean up? How does that happen 🙂

    I can’t wait to be able to read whenever and whatever I want.

    Happy Monday.

    • Cooking with no cleanup means that you are rich enough not to have to clean up–I can dream can’t I?

      Reading does seem to be a luxury sometimes–I wish us both that luxury in the future.

      Happy Monday to you too my friend!

  6. I love your life list, and of course my favourite is #10!! Pinky and the Brain were awesome by the way, and I love that you are going to have Led Zepplin at your 50th anniversary party. That rocks!

  7. Go Erma LouAnn….. I am with you all the way. I am just trying to make it through this week…..

  8. I need to win the lottery as well (it feels like this has been on my list for the last 150 years!) 🙂

    I think I’ve done most things on my ‘life list’ except ‘read more’ and ‘clean my room’ I may have to get onto those ones next year 😉

    Love this post – it’s amazing how other people can make us feel old. I remember when I was about 20 and a little girl in a shop said to her mother, ‘that lady smiled at me’. It was the first time someone had referred to me as just some ‘lady’ and that made me feel old! 😀

  9. I think when you die, that is the ultimate tipping the bucket so yes, life list it is 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  10. You don’t know how happy you made me when you referenced Pinky and the Brain. I remember bringing it up once to a friend, only to get a blank stare. Maybe I really was born in the wrong decade….

    I love the term ‘life list’, as opposed to bucket list. I have a vague one floating around in my brain, though I have yet to write it down. I do have to say, a lot of your items match what I want on mine. And given my recent trip to Italy, I would highly encourage you to plan a visit some time. The wine really is fantastic although take my tip and always ask to sample the house wine before you order any. We had some great ones and some not so great ones. 😉

    • I am glad you like Pinky and the Brain too–I watched it with my kids

      thanks for the advice on Italy–hope I get a chance to try it out

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