It Only Takes a Second

I am ready to take the advice of a friend who is dealing with a bit of a tragedy right now. One that occurred in the blink of an eye. One minute everything was rolling along, if not smoothly, at least the ruts in the road were visible.

Then it happens. And changes everything. “It” can be so many things: death, loss, change—but today is not the same as yesterday. This minute is not the same as the minute before.

Her advice? And this is verbatim:

“Live every day to the fullest, have fun, party or whatever makes you happy—life is short and it can change in a split second.”

How many times do we have to hear that before we take it in, use it, and make it our own personal mantra? It has been expressed in so many ways by so many people, yet we forget that life is not a dress rehearsal—this is the only chance we get.

I need to be reminded of this over and over again. But each time I am, I take it in, and it becomes a part of me. So, today—Live your day to the fullest, have fun, party, or do whatever makes you happy. I am going to give it a try.

How about you—do you forget to have fun?

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  1. This is sage advice for sure. Your words have a particularly profound effect on me this morning and I will try to follow. 🙂

    • Her words had the same effect on me–so what are we going to do to have fun?

  2. This rings truer as I age….good advice.

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  4. I don’t think I forget to have fun – I do forget to take moments for what they are. Savor my morning coffee, appreciate whatever I am doing in the moment..

  5. I agree that we should live to the fullest each day. I think sometimes when we get to that ‘senior’ time in our lives if we’re not careful we may think more about the future ….ie how long will we be around…we should save more etc etc… I know we have to be cognizant of it but not to the point we’re afraid to enjoy ‘today’…..Diane

  6. This hits home. I’ve been to three funerals this week. All died too young.

    • I am so sorry–it really does make us stop and think–and when people die young it is so sad

  7. Now that my kids are older and don’t need me 24/7, I try to follow this advice every day. I have started doing more of the things I love (like reading), and my hubby and I are planning a big trip for this summer because you never know how long you will have your health. I still get stressed very easily and worry about things that should be done, but I am getting better at ignoring those things (like cleaning my house for instance) because do they really matter? No!

    • it is like we have to retrain our thoughts sometimes and take ourselves into consideration–is your big trip to England?

      • 3 days in Paris, 4 days in London, and then a whole week in Scotland where we will be seeing the Military Tattoo in Edinburgh. I am sooooo excited!!!

      • I would be too–sounds absolutely wonderful!

      • It’s our 25th anniversary this year, so that’s the excuse I used to convince Mike :). We have never done a big trip like this before and also never without our kids. We’re hoping to meet up with TBM and Bunny Chow when we are in London which would be great fun!

  8. We might live each day as if it is ………. our first. 🙂

  9. I’m trying too! I got more bad news yesterday that has once again reminded me that we can only count on the present.

  10. An excellent reminder that we need to make every day as a gift from God! “Live life love life”!

  11. Great advice! I was slow to learning to have fun but am busy making up for it. 🙂

  12. Simply… Yes. I forget

    • me too

      • Then… You and I shall try. Right?

      • let’s

      • Have a splendiferous Saturday LouAnn

      • I will try and you do the same Audra–we must catch up soon–our communications have been sparce of late

      • Yes. Life is stressful and blaaaaah. But there is light at the end of my tunnel.

      • there was at the end of mine for a while too–but it was the train–I think it has gone by now

      • Yes. My tunnel just presently got jammed. Blocked and shut. $&&!!

      • stupid tunnels–we should avoid them and hit the open road

      • Sigh…

      • remember Audra it is five o’clock somewhere

  13. I try to do this every day – sometimes I forget, but not often 😀

  14. Definitely need to remember that anything can change, it is an underrated concept – we need to appreciate every moment but sometimes we get too caught up in it.

    Choc Chip Uru

  15. Just saw a sweet movie that makes this point very well, “About Time.” So hard to be reminded of this by someone’s heartache. I hope your friend is ok. ~ Sheila

    • should look up that movie–my friend is dealing with a sister’s health problems

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