Brown. There I have said it. Brown is my favourite colour. But so is red. And green. And this season apricot—I bought a pair of Keds in apricot and a cute tuck it under your arm purse in the same colour—but brown is still one of my favourites.

A couple of years back, brown was the colour du jour—but brown in all its incarnations: chocolate, coffee, bronzed caramel, russet—because I guess just plain brown was not enough. Let’s face it—if you admit that brown is your favourite colour, people think you are boring. Just take a gander at Wikipedia’s definition:

“Brown is the color of dark wood or rich soil. It is a composite color made by combining red, black and yellow.  The color is seen widely in nature, in wood, soil, and human hair color, eye color and skin pigmentation. Culturally, it is most often associated with plainness, humility, the rustic, and poverty.”

I am here to stand in defence of brown. Brown is not boring or plain. It is comforting and warm and deep and rich. And it has stood the test of time. It is not flakey like chartreuse, or unpleasant like puce. It is not come hither like some shades of red, or shy like pink, nor is it as demanding as “look at me” black. Brown, in most of its shades (except mud and one my mother called shi_ brindle) is a beautiful  colour that complements many other shades cheering them on to shine in all their glory, while brown just sits back and lets them sparkle.

I have never been a fan of diamonds—sure I like them, but their sparkle can be copied – but my new fascination is with chocolate diamonds—they speak to me. As does chocolate in its own perfect way. So that is my ode to all things brown. Dare not call it boring again.

Do you like a colour that seems boring or unusual?

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  1. I knew that we were kindred spirits! Brown is my favourite colour too! I keep trying to add other colours to my wardrobe but it’s always the browns that capture my attention when I shop. And then there’s chocolate! I consider it an essential food group! Perhaps there is a connection there. I had never heard of chocolate diamonds before though. Very intriguing, I must say. 🙂

    • we both have great depth (that is my analysis and I am sticking to it)–check out chocolate diamonds–I bet you will love them too!

      • I like your analysis! And, yes, I’ve just been looking at pictures of chocolate diamonds and they are beautiful!

      • I knew you would like them!

  2. Green is mine,, another forest colour 😉

  3. Brown huh? Hmmmmmm

  4. Pink makes me happy….all shades. Brown is a cozy colour, one of my favs.

  5. Brown is nice. I just made double chocolate brownies… Very nice indeed. Yum.

    • see, chocolate brown is good…very very good

      • Yes it’s. Especially with steaming coffee brown…

      • I will be there soon

      • Best news all day. I would like some company

      • I so wish………

  6. It kinda’ depends on my mood. But – I HEART Reds.

  7. Oh, too funny! Love your characterization of colors! I like a good brown, it’s my back up to my true favorite, black! I wear a lot of black, not because I’m morbid or dark in mood, but because it goes so well with many other colors, and because black is classic. But then so is brown! I love the rich tones of dark brown leather, and the lighter shades of a crisp khaki (did I spell that right?!) Good choice, and good for you standing up for one of the less popular crayons in the box!

    Haven’t seen chocolate diamonds…I’ll have to look that up and see what I’ve been missing 🙂

    ~ Sheila

    • I think you will love them–black is very versatile and I find I am wearing it more now than I ever did

  8. Rich green on rich brown is very summer forest. Red or copper on brown is very autumnal. I’ve been known to where grey with blue. :mgreen:

  9. Darn… I’m so traditional… turquoise and purple are my favourite… Diane

  10. Chocolate diamonds. Perfection :). As for favourite colours, I don’t really have just one but I do love deep, rich colours like dark purple, blood red, chocolate brown, dark royal blue, and even dark (yet still bright) green. When I was a kid I loved pastels, but I’m so over that!

  11. I just bought 3 rooms of carpet for my house and they are all brown of one shade or another! 🙂

  12. I like brown, too, LouAnn. More specifically Taupe! But I also like red and teal.

  13. Most of my clothes are gray, white, navy, or tan. I can’t color coordinate at all and these feel safe to me. I do have brown trousers, but never know what to wear with them. Suggestions?

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