Leave The Door Open

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Waiting for the Karma Truck

This video stayed with me.  The changing aspect of love’s reality.  What we’re sure we define as love when our notebooks are covered with hearts and initials inside them, notes are passed and love songs are written expressly for you.  Believing that it lasts forever, when one really has a concept of what that means.  Love in later years, with fewer illusions and more complications, yet felt with a deeper understanding of the rapidity with which time passes.  Learning to stay in love and learning to let go should one need to.  Remembering to keep the door open to the possibility that it will return in a different form, with a different song and open arms.  Let love in – however you define it.

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Bookwork is my nemesis—so I thought I would put my arch-rival in perspective with this haiku called strangely enough: Bookwork

Mind-numbing numbers

Reconfigured and balanced

Going for the gold!

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18 Simple Things

I am reblogging this so it will be at my fingertips–now I think I will go make a cup of tea…………..

Live & Learn

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A Truth


Stole this from New Hampshire Garden Solutions:


The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another. The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month.  ~ Henry Van Dyke

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