Warmth and Inspiration

 Have not been too inspired of late, but here is my weekly offering in the form of my column:

            This never-ending winter has many of us hunkered down and if not hibernating at least wishing that was an option. I, however, have done my part. On March 1st I took down the wreath I had on my front door which featured a snowman and put up a new more seasonal wreath. Or at least it is a wreath that I hope becomes seasonal soon. It sports pink and lime green hydrangeas and looks quite lovely in contrast to all the white that envelops us.

            After I put the wreath on the front door on Saturday, my husband, John and I travelled to Kitchener to go to a wedding and when we got back yesterday I made the disappointed observation that my tactic did not work. Apparently springtide was not attracted to my symbolic gesture—so I will just have to accept that while it may not be around the immediate corner, the warm season is at the end of a long jaunt filled with ice craters, snow piles, and deep car-eating ruts in the road.

            The road trip to Kitchener was uneventful—but a bit dicey on the way home yesterday. One of the things that John and I do to make the trip more enjoyable is play music from our misspent youths. I am sure that John has now had his fill of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and in particular one of my favourite ballads of all times: “Our House”. I love the melodic tale it tells and will share some of the words with you now. I would share the whole thing, but I think there are copyright issues:

I’ll light the fire, You put the flowers in the vase, That you bought today–

Staring at the fire, For hours and hours, While I listen to you, Play your love songs,
All night long for me, Only for me–

Come to me now, And rest your head for just five minutes, Everything is good,
Such a cosy room, The windows are illuminated, By the sunshine through them
Fiery gems for you, Only for you…….”

And my favourite verse of all: “Our house is a very, very fine house
With two cats in the yard, Life used to be so hard
Now everything is easy’, Cause of you…..”

            This song embraces “home” to me—warmth, contentedness, love, and the fact that life can be hard, but the people you surround yourself with can make it so much easier. So in this vast coldness and Arctic vortex winter, we can be warmed by words until the sun shines a little warmer.

            The other song that John had to put up with on our road trip was from the movie “Frozen”. I picked up the soundtrack from Costco for less than $9 if anyone is interested and we listened to the song “Let It Go” in its various renditions. I particularly love track 10 which is the Demi Lovato version of the song—her voice soars and makes the words come alive. Just the words “Let It Go” have a power in themselves and each of us can translate them to mean what we want them to—I am sure all of us have to let something go in order to make room for other and better things. Here is a sample of some of the words I found particularly inspiring, and coming from the movie “Frozen” seem very apropos to the weather we have been having: “Let it go! Let it go! I am one with the wind and sky,

Let it go! Let it go! You’ll never see me cry,

Here I stand and here I’ll stay

Let the storm rage on….”

            Though winter is not done with us yet and “rages on”, I will take the lilting words of the “Frozen” song to heart and “Let It Go” all the while dreaming of “Our House” with a warm fire, fresh flowers in a vase, and cats in the backyard. In reality though it has to warm up for my cat to venture out—he sniffs the cold air and hightails it back in the house dreaming of adventures and warmer days. So while I dream of those days too, I will adjust my spring wreath and put on my big boots until nature finds it in her heart to warm up the environs.

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  1. Perhaps your cat knows the song “Our House” too.

    I saw Crosby, Stills Nash and Young in a London arena together with Joni Mitchell in the early 70’s. She played songs from Blue. It was a great night. 🙂

    • Sounds like a wonderful night–have not been to a concert for years–
      Our cat does hum along with Our House on occasion

  2. Although my daughter has listened to the Let it Go song a billion times now, I actually still like it. The lyrics are my mantra this winter!

  3. Yes, this winter can definitely GO!!! I just can’t seem to feel warm lately. We have heaters on at our feet at work every day, and at night I cuddle under a blanket on the couch and don’t move. I can’t wait to sit out on my deck and let the sun warm me right through :). Glad you got home safe from the wedding!

    • I do not like driving (or riding shotgun) in bad weather–it scares me to death–but we made it home safe and sound and the wedding was a lot of fun–saw people I had not seen for decades

  4. I thought our few days spent in the sunny south would reduce my disgust for winter….not happening. I downloaded Let it Go for My grand daughter but I really like it too…so much emotion, and I love to watch Sophie sing along, magical!

    • I can imagine her singing along–that would make the song even more wonderful!

  5. I think you’ve expressed very well the feeling of others … so tired of winter, and trying so hard to imagine the spring to come.. I too love to play ‘our music’… we have sirius and when we drive we are normally listening to the 50’s… it’s nice to go back in time… just for awhile…Diane

  6. I’m trying to THINK SPRING. But – Mother Nature sure ain’t makin’ it easy.

  7. It has been a rough winter for my friends from the North (and even some in the South!). I LOVE that CSN song, Lou. I’ve heard the Frozen song and love its message. Stay warm and hopefully the Spring will inspire us all again! xo

    • Nice to hear from you–all I really want to do is hibernate but since that is not possible I will be satisfied with trying to stay warm–I have a walking partner who still wants to walk in this and sometimes I do go out–but I do not like it at all! I think the cold has Frozen my inspiration

  8. It’s really been a horrible winter for many people. We’ve had it easy here in Colorado, but I know how miserable it has been in other places. I guess all you can do is hang in there and wait for spring.
    “Frozen” was the first movie I’ve been to with my kids in years, actually the first movie I took my youngest son to (he’s 8, so that’s some serious slacking on my part). I was SO impressed, and figured it was just that I don’t get out enough! Turns out it was a pretty impressive movie 🙂

    • I miss going to these films with my kids–do not have an excuse anymore–but really, do I need one?

  9. I just love the song ‘Our House’ and it’ll probably stay in my head all day now 😉

    I’m trying to get some motivation to paint a wall (but instead I thought I’d read your blog) 😀

    • not a bad song to stay in your head–maybe it wil make painting a little more palatable–personally, I hate painting–end up with more on me than the thing I am painting

  10. Have you seen the movie? I honestly didn’t go into it with a whole lot of expectations but was pleasantly surprised. My friends around me have been obsessed with the soundtrack (and specifically, Let It Go) for months now. A lot of people didn’t seem to like Demi Lovato’s version but I also think it’s quite good. Different, but in a good way. The sun has been showing its face more often here although the rain beats it back more often than not. Here’s to hoping that once April/May hits, we’ll be singing a different tune. (see what I did there? 😉 )

  11. Like your choice of music! We haven’t had a winter this year, just a wet season. It has been very odd, only 3 frosts all winter, really too warm for a winter and rain, storm, rain, gales, rain , hurricane, huge sea swells but no real winter. I’m (almost) envious of your winter! 🙂

    • I did not mind our winter until as of late when it has received the moniker endless–now I am worried

  12. I love Our House too – I think our current house and stage of life fits it. And I think Ive heard that song from Frozen too – the girls have just downloaded a few of the songs onto their ipods. It’s been playing around the house lately.

    Good idea with the wreath – we should take down the 3 that we have on the front of the house and see if that helps kick start things a bit.

    • sure has not worked here yet–but if we make a cohesive effort maybe Mother Nature will listen!

  13. I love Let It Go, so so sooooo glad it won the Oscars 😀
    it is a beautiful ode to winter!

    Choc Chip Uru

  14. And this post emits warmth to me . Thank you.

  15. Hey, I know just how you feel! I took down the remnants of my winter decor yesterday and got out a few spring things…just seeing some lighter colors and a beautiful spring wreath made me smile. At least it feels spring-like inside my house!

    My little Riley (almost 4-year old granddaughter) loves Frozen! I can’t say I’ve heard the music enough to know it by heart, but I think I’ll have a lot of opportunity to get to know it. She just got the movie and is in “watch it again” mode! ~ Sheila

  16. We’ve been in Calgary for the past week and it’s definitely spring here complete with rapidly melting snow and puddles everywhere! I hope we’ve finally seen the end of winter.

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