WWHGD? or What Would…………….Do?

This is my Valentine offering for my weekly newspaper column. Thought I would share it with you:

  I claim there ain’t
Another Saint
As great as Valentine. ~Ogden Nash

                I am of two minds when it comes to Valentine’s Day. My romantic sensitive self wants roses and chocolates. My sensible self scoffs at being manipulated to want roses and chocolates. What to do, what to do? According to timeanddate.com, Valentine’s Day was promoted in the mid-nineteenth century by manufacturers of paper lace and cards as a “means of increasing their sales.” As Gomer Pile used to say: “Surprise, surprise.”

                I thought I would get a male perspective on Valentine’s Day, so I conducted a little interview with Mr. Everyman:

 1. Q: Do you like Valentine’s Day?

A. It serves its purpose. When I was “wooing” my wife, it served as a way to show her I loved her—actually let me tell the truth—if you are dating someone, and you do not get them anything for Valentine’s Day, it has been my experience that on February 15th you are a lonely man. Now to answer your question—no, I do not like Valentine’s Day—there are too many expectations and many men are just not up to the task.

2. Q: Do you like getting gifts on Valentine’s Day?

A: Yes. I have never figured out why it is such a female-centric holiday, though you can forget the roses—who wants something that dies in a few days? I love it when my “significant other” makes me a special meal.

3. Q: Have you ever made your wife a special meal?

A: Um………….

4. Q: Never?

A. Yeah, yeah I have—steak and baked potatoes and salad with little chunks of cheese. But the piece de resistance was my bacon wrapped smoked oysters. Won my wife over with those. She thought I could cook—boy I had her fooled.

5. Q: So, what are the origins of Valentine’s Day in your mind?

A: The card companies and flower companies and candy companies all got together and thought there should be a yearly holiday featuring their wares—after Christmas and before Easter there was this big gap and they had trouble putting food on the table. Then the jewellery stores got into the picture and there was no going back.

6. Q: Ever heard of St. Valentine?

A: Yeah, he is second cousin to Santa Claus, and the tooth fairy’s brother.

7. Q: What did you get your wife this year?

A. Well, times are a little hard…………..

8. Q. You mean you aren’t getting her anything?

A: Yes, yes of course—I just have to put a little thought into it…………..*Did you know that the middle of February is thought to be the time that birds choose their mates?  And that around 1380 Chaucer wrote a poem for the first anniversary of the engagement of King Richard II to Anne of Bohemia and that is thought to be the first association between celebrations of romantic love and St. Valentine’s day?

9.  Q: Are you changing the subject on purpose?

A: No, no—just a little trivia—I get tired of all the Saint Valentine stories at this time of year. And who came up with Chubs, I mean Cupid—what a weird little toddler. A cherub with a bow and arrow was someone’s idea of a good image for romance? Bad branding, if you ask me………..

10. Q: Do you have a romantic bone in your body?

A: I think they took it out when I had my appendix removed. My wife did get me a WWHGD (what would Hugh Grant Do?) bracelet though and I think it is starting to work. I have to dash now to florists’, and grab a box of chocolates at the drug store………

                There you have it—the only answer that resembles my husband is number four. I really did think he could cook. Don’t tell him I told you this but one of his favourite movies is Love Actually, and one Valentine’s Day (a long, long time ago) he put different coloured bouquets of roses in several rooms of the house and he placed the requisite (and much appreciated) box of chocolates in a beribboned red heart-shaped box beside one of the bouquets.  I am hoping for an encore performance at some point.

                Unlike Mr. Everyman, I like cut flowers, even if they are short-lived (but on my more cynical days, I may hold some of his views.) Happy Valentine’s Day to all and to all a box of chocolates!

*trivia from timeanddate.com

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46 CommentsLeave a comment

  1. Valentines Day is stupid. Period. ‘Nuf said.

    • Ps. What your hubs did was pretty cool 🙂

      • now if he would just do it again

      • See, there ya go, setting yourself up again. No no no

      • he is a wonderful guy–just going through chocolate withdrawal thus am grouchy

      • You must eat chocolate. One Hershey kiss.

      • good allowance

    • many people feel this way–one of my personalities agrees with you totally

      • It’s hard not to get sucked in with expectations. I see it in my daughters. Pains me. Want to smack them back into reality. But… We all secretly want the romance.

      • we do–but it is hard to watch your kids get affected

      • 🙂 part of life. Some boy is going to squish their tender hearts.

      • and they will squish a few……..

      • Not my perfect angels

      • but they will do it with good taste and not just send an email

  2. I grew up not thinking too much about Valentine’s Day…as a child we gave little valentine’s to our classmates (every classmate)…. then as a young woman I guess (hard to remember at this point) I did get flowers or candy or something ….then it kind of waned but probably got flowers most times… This year I finally did say that he shouldn’t spend his money on flowers (too much money) but not to say I didn’t hint when I passed the jewelry aisles in stores…. Alas I don’t think he took the hint….

    On a serious note… Quite awhile back I did start thinking that it is definitely a lot of hype …too much.. in that those who are not in a relationship or lost someone somehow feel less important when Valentine’s Day comes… I don’t think it should be scrapped but maybe made more of a Day to recognize friendships as well as relationships… Probably won’t happen though! Diane

    • I agree with you wholeheartedly–in fact I wrote a column for the newspaper touting that same idea!

      • Yes I thought you had done something like that ….about the last part…. but I didn’t go check to be sure… Diane

  3. When I was working, I used Valentine’s day as a way to tell everyone I worked with how much I appreciated them. I’ll never forget giving a Valentine to one single woman (in her mid-30’s) and she burst into tears because ‘no one ever gave (her) a Valentine before.’. I was stunned. I guess some people really get into it.

    • I think people just want to feel special and that is exactly what you did–Happy Day–

  4. I have never liked this holiday. Never. When you’re alone it sucks and when you’re a couple…it makes you feel badly for those who aren’t. It’s a stupid “holiday” and we don’t take part in it, though I know hubby will probably get me some flowers anyway. And chocolate, well I don’t have to have a special occasion for that. We keep dark chocolate in the freezer at all times.

    (but I do like your column, Lou!)

    • I know what you mean–I hold some of the same views you do–thank goodness it is only one day

  5. When I am with someone, all I want for Valentine’s Day is a heart-shaped box of candy from the drug store. Nothing fancy. I never go out for the holiday because every place is over-booked.
    This Valentine’s Day I will be having stuffed chicken with my parents (they are a stop on my way to a wedding in OH). I can lament being single while driving 😉

    • celebrate being single–it has lots of perks– and I agree with you–I just need to be thought of and drug store chocolates are just fine with me

  6. Cute blog! I am getting a trip to a nearby city for tomorrow night. We’ll wine & dine & maybe buy some clothes & who-knows-what-else. He’s been going fishing with another woman (our friend Nancy) and he so appreciates that I don’t mind that he’s a romantic Valentine. Ha ha, that all rhymed.

  7. giggling…..:)

  8. Loved your post….and recognized your husband right away…..it was the bacon wrapped oysters…..I miss those.
    I just like to be remembered, whether it be a card or chocolates or flowers or all three. It is the thought and I mean this, just to know he cares enough to take a little time out of his day to think of me as his Valentine.

    • we will have to make some when you come down in April and I too like to be remembered

  9. My sweet husband and I came late into one another’s life. We think every day is Valentine’s Day! xoxoM

  10. I am laughing hysterically!!!

  11. Your post gave me a few chuckles. We always celebrate Valentine’s Day, and have a super dinner planned with several friends. I even bought a new red dress. 🙂

  12. Haha this was a great valentines day post 😀
    I smiled throughout!
    I will be at home, churning through ice cream come Feb 14th 😛

    Choc Chip Uru

    • now there is a good way to celebrate–what kind of ice cream–

      btw- the confection in your last post is beautiful

  13. I have to admit that neither my husband or I have a romantic bone in our bodies, but the fact that he is willing to help out around the house and cook has been all that I need to know that he cares.

    However, I love the idea of the WWHGD bracelet. Where can I find one of those?

    • If my husband cooked–I would be such a happy camper–but he does lots of other things so I will stop complaining\

      as for the bracelet–I am thinking of putting them on the market soon–will send you one–ha ha

  14. I know exactly what Hugh Grant would do. Take up his business with a lady of the night while he is married to one of the most beautiful women on the planet. What an idiot.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • I meant the Hugh Grant from movies, not the Hugh Grant in real life

      • Oops. Sorry about that. Hugh struck a nerve with me.

      • and rightly so

  15. Does this mean I have to buy TBH a gift? Dang.

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