Ode to the Written Word

“Next time you’re browsing the shelves in a library, realize you’re standing in the midst of a family discussion.” ~ Kathleen Duey

“Books, the children of the brain.” ~ Jonathan Swift

‘I suggest that the only books that influence us are those for which we are ready, and which have gone a little further down our particular path than we have gone ourselves.” ~ E.M. Forester

“I am part of all that I have read.” ~ John Kieran

“A house without books is a room without a soul.” ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

A book is: “A garden carried in a pocket.” ~ Chinese proverb

“Choose an author as you would choose a friend.” – Wentworth Dillon

These are but a few of the quotes I have collected about books and writing–does one speak to you above the others, or do they reflect the chorus of your thoughts?

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  1. All these are wonderful. Days that I had to spend isolated from others, I read. With a book, one is never alone.

  2. Some of my best memories, ever since I could hold a book, are well, reading. Books allowed me to find out about other places and are the reason why I wanted to travel and explore. I was born and raised in such a small town and books transported me to so many places.

    I don’t know about you but sometimes I can read a passage from a book and it just stops me, you know. I have to pause because it is that good. You realize what it had to take–how deep that author had to go–to write something that grabs or touches someone. It’s like any kind of art–music, dance–it’s magic and forever.

    • I too have been “transported” by words put together beautifully–you have that power Brigitte

  3. I like the last quote…choose an author as you would a friend.

  4. I like the phrase…. re the books that influence us……. I particularly however love your last comment … ‘a chorus of your thoughts’….. Diane

  5. I clicked the “like” button, but I wish there was an “adore” button. All of these quotes are wonderful.

  6. All these quotes are wonderful, but I especially liked the one comparing authors to friends – I have found them to be more loyal than my own friends sometimes

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. I like the EM Forester quote. I have tried to reread old favorites and have been disappointed, I think, because I was at a different point in my life when it became my favorite. So now I NEVER read a book twice, especially if I really like it!

  8. “A house without books is a room without a soul” – I believe that completely!!

    • I know you do and add Mikey and a little chocolate and you are in heaven (and maybe a cabana boy when Mikey is away)

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